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After the big reveal of the new name of Overwatch’s cowboy Cole Cassidy, the team has also offered a free name change for everyone’s BattleTag. This offer lasts from Oct. 22 to Nov. 5, and only towards accounts that haven’t used their first free name change.

How to get a free name change

Luckily enough, the Overwatch team linked the BattleTag name change site. In the post, the team explained the rules of this free change. A link at the bottom of the piece leads to the request you can shoot over to the support team.  It automatically redirects to a support ticket with the name change option selected. It’s already filled, only leaving you to fill in the reason as to why you want the change. It seems that this is more of a formality, as this applies to all fans after the Cole Cassidy name change.

Once this is sent through, you should get an email confirming the request. Next, after a couple of business days, the team will respond via email and notification in their Battle.net application. Then, you can use the change in-app or in-browser. This gets you your new name along with your new number designation for your account.

A nice formality for a big lore change

This free use is, purposefully, right after a big announcement, where Jesse McCree had his new name revealed. This new name, Cole Cassidy, will come into effect in-game starting Oct. 26. This free name change is meant to reflect the change from McCree to Cassidy. But, even though this applies to everyone, this is an extra free change after the automatic ones players have per account. Basically, you haven’t used the free name change you already have, this doesn’t apply. In conclusion, this added free use is, essentially, for fans who have McCree in their BattleTag and wish to change for the future.