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Alpha Pokémon are big, bad Pokémon you’ll run into in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Like other Pokémon who are angry with you, they’re tough to catch without taking them on in battle first. Here’s the easiest way to catch them.

These Pokémon are more aggressive than other monsters and can do far more damage thanks to their boosted stats. They could wipe out your whole team in the early hours of Arceus. The first Alpha Pokémon you’ll run into within Arceus is a giant bug, Kricketune. It makes a really weird sound when you first encounter it while on a mission for Mai. You’ll need to approach it and take it on in a fight.

Please note that some Alpha Pokémon cannot be caught until you reach a certain Star Rank. This varies from area to area, but you’ll want to gain 3-4 levels before trying to catch these Pokémon in a new area.

Alpha Pokémon need to be hurt before they can be caught

Alpha Pokemon
Kricketune is the first Alpha Pokémon you’ll encounter in Arceus | Provided by Game Freak

Alpha Pokémon are much harder to catch compared to regular monsters. You’ll need to lower their health before throwing that Poké Ball in their direction. Send out your starter, or any Pokémon that you know can take a hit, because Pokémon like Kricketune do some serious damage with each move. Try to get their health bar into the red before throwing a heavy ball.

You can also use Mime Jr., who is catchable in the first area, to put these monsters to sleep with hypnosis. It also helps to use a specific Alpha Pokémon’s favorite type of food as bait before attempting to catch them.

Make sure to craft extra heavy balls with apricorns and black tumblestone before setting out to catch these bad boys. Black tumblestone is found throughout the first area of the game in crystal-like rocks while apricorns can be found in trees and are often dropped by Pokémon once they are defeated. Have plenty of healing items, like potions and berries, before setting out in more dangerous areas.

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