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How to block in Street Fighter 6 — Perform the Perfect Parry

Street Fighter 6 is known for its insanely fast-paced action, with players punching and kicking their way to victory. But it’s not all about fancy combos if you want to win Street Fighter 6 — blocking is equally as impactful.

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Luckily, blocking isn’t too hard to do in Street Fighter 6, although you’ll also want to get your timing down right and your counterattacks on point. Here’s how to block in Street Fighter 6.

How to block in Street Fighter 6

To block effectively in Street Fighter 6, tilt your left stick away from your opponent. For example, if you’re facing your opponent on the left, tilt the stick to the left to block normal attacks to the upper body.

To protect your lower body, you will need to crouch block. This is done by tilting the left stick diagonally downwards — also away from your opponent.

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How to block Drive Impacts

While you only have to tilt the stick backwards to block normal attacks, you’ll need to do a bit more if you want to block a Drive Impact. To block this powerful attack, you’ll need to use a Drive Parry.

Here’s how to perform a Drive Parry:

Modern Controls:

  • PlayStation — R1
  • Xbox — RB

Classic Controls:

  • PlayStation — Triangle + Circle
  • Xbox — Y + B

Remember that using a Drive Parry will leave you vulnerable to incoming attacks and there’s a limit to the amount of times you can perform this special block. Don’t overuse your Drive Parry — save it for impactful moments.

How to perform a Perfect Parry

A Perfect Parry is all about timing. You will use the same buttons as above, but you’ll need to press them at an exact moment. To pull off a Perfect Parry, watch your opponent closely. Then press the buttons when their strike hits you.

It’s a bit tricky to master this because you have to know each character’s attacks and understand right when they will hit you. But once you get some practice in, you’ll be Perfect Parrying in no time.

If you do get a Perfect Parry, you’ll get a Punish Counter. The damage of the attack is scaled down by 50%, but it’s still very satisfying and can give you the upperhand.

Don’t spam this move either. If you go to block, your opponent may read you and initiate a grab move. Always remain unpredictable and don’t overdo your techniques.