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A player hits the final blow on The Devourer boss in The First Descendant.
Screenshot by Upcomer

How to beat The Devourer: A complete guide for The First Descendant’s toughest boss so far

I finally managed to beat The Devourer, both with a party and solo. Three times, too, so I could be sure it wasn’t just a fluke. If you’re still stuck on this boss by any chance, here’s how to get unstuck, and pretty quickly, too. I’m not the best at this game, so if I could do it, you definitely can!

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Prepping to beat The Devourer in The First Descendant

There are some things you’re going to want to do before you even step into this fight. It’s a tough one. I didn’t even understand modules properly yet when I faced previous Intercept Battles, and they were a breeze. This one… phew. Tough stuff.

Your first task is to decide on a Descendant and a loadout. This means deciding which guns, modules, and Descendant Modules you’ll bring. You’ll want anything that buffs electric attacks or toxic resistance — and you’ll want to upgrade those modules to give you an edge.

Your choice of descendant matters, too. You’ll need to be pretty agile to avoid this enemy’s powerful attacks and you’ll need to be able to deal plenty of damage. Bunny’s electric DPS is fantastic for this. But that would make it easier. If there’s anything I pride myself, it’s taking the less traveled route, so I went with Ajax.

As long as your Descendant of choice is level 40, you should be okay.

Modules to bring along for The Devourer

The most important module of all is the Toxic Antibody module. You’ll want to equip and upgrade this to boost your survivability in this fight. I’m pretty sure this is just a general overworld drop, since I can’t figure out where it drops from. You should have a couple in your inventory though.

The Toxic Antibody Descendant Module that helps in the Devourer fight in The First Descendant.
Screenshot by Upcomer

The game recommends a toxin resistance level of over 1800. As you can see from the screenshot, I went with more. Way more. I also boosted my defense with other modules, since Ajax is a tank. You can boost your attack as well, as long as you have toxic resistance.

The next core module you’ll want to bring is a weapon module. My main weapon was the Eternal Willpower assault rifle, since I like assault rifles. The core module is the Electric Priority module. This module drops from the Red Sphere mission in Miragestone, in Agna Desert. It adds electric attack which The Devourer is weak to.

The Electric Priority Module equipped to the Eternal Willpower Assualt Rifle in The First Descendant
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As for the rest of the modules, whatever takes your fancy. I tried to go with extra attack for the most part. Get your modules upgrade by Silion (the Eastern mode NPC in Albion), and get set up. Make sure you have these two modules equipped.

How to beat The Devourer in The First Descendant

Now for the fight. The first thing you’ll want to do is grab some ammo, and then head into the fight. Focus fire on destructible parts and removable parts, as displayed before the fight. My favorite target is the core cover, since if you’re doing this solo, it’ll always be facing you.

A player shoots at the core cover of The Devourer in The FIrst Descendant.
Screenshot by Upcomer

While fighting, make sure you do frequent dive rolls while the boss is attacking you. Fire back as much as possible though, and destroy that core cover (it’s located in the solar plexus of the boss, more or less).

Once it’s destroyed, keep focusing your fire there. Once it flashes yellow, it’s time to rip the core off. You can do this by aiming at the core from close enough, and you’ll get the grappling hook circle in the middle of your screen. Grapple onto the boss when you see it.

Click as rapidly as possible to destroy the core. Do the same with the shoulders, and then all destructible parts (the balancers on the knees, the sensors on the side of the face).

Stop The Devourer from recovering

Any time you see the boss become invulnerable, it’s about to spawn pods. Take these out as quickly as possible. Here’s where Ajax has a slight advantage, since he can tank some damage while taking them out and not worry about moving around too much. Use your grappling hook to move faster — the faster, the better.

A player rushes the recovery pods deployed by The Devourer in The First Descendant.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Once you take out the pods, keep attacking the boss until its HP reaches zero. You’ve gotta be quick though.

Dealing with Ammo issues

The Devourer soaks up a lot of bullets. A LOT. So you’re bound to run into ammo constraints. You don’t exactly have the time luxury to go back and get more each time you run out, so just kill the minions that the boss spawns, and hopefully you’ll get ammo drops.

A Player destroying the Roly Poly minions in The Devourer boss battle in The First Descendant.
Screenshot by Upcomer

In all three of my successful attempts, the minions dropped enough ammo so that I didn’t have to worry too much.

The Bottom Line: Solo can be easier

That’s it, that’s all you need to know. Keep hitting him hard and try to avoid his attacks as much as possible. Get ammo from the minions, and you’ll be fine.

A player hits the final blow on The Devourer boss in The First Descendant.
Screenshot by Upcomer

I managed to get him in under 8 minutes solo, and it is the more dependable way to go. You never know who you’re going to be paired with, and if you have a full party, the boss is much tougher. I had a duo on one of the wins, and we took the boss down in about 2 minutes.

A duo beating The Devourer in just over 2 minutes.
Screenshot by Upcomer

The next successful attempt involved a full party, and we still managed it in about 6-8 minutes. So it can be done publicly, but when you get paired with lower level players, it could prove way more challenging – even impossible.

When you’re done with the Devourer, why not farm some more with our full list of Amorphous Material Patterns and where to get them in The First Descendant.

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