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In the recent game gaining traction online named Dark and Darker, permaban troubles and other bugs have led to developers extending the playtest. Originally meant to end on Feb. 13, the playtest was extended to Feb. 16.

Here is a quick rundown as to why, as well as how to try and unban an account.

Playtest extended after issues

This isn’t the first playtest for Dark and Darker, starting towards the end of 2022. However, this most recent playtest has gained a lot of traction thanks to lots of content creators and dedicated players trying the game out. As a recent game with one of the biggest concurrent player bases, Dark and Darker has grown a surprising amount.

However, the game is still in development, as the fourth playtest for Dark and Darker just ended. Even with the near 100,000 concurrent players, the game still has bugs and other issues that players can report to IRONMACE, the developers. These bugs so far include:

  • Trading post issues
  • Matchmaking issues
  • False permabans

The last issue there is causing the most strife for fans who want to play. Permaban is short for permanently banned, which means that the Dark and Darker players can’t play the game until the developers unban the account.

How to try and unban a Dark and Darker account

First off, there isn’t a set answer to this, but the developers are looking into those false permabans to possibly reinstate them. As long as the ban wasn’t due to things like cheating or toxicity, players should be able to get their accounts back.

Other potential ways to try and unban an account include trying to talk to the developers via the Dark and Darker Discord. There, you’ll have a bunch of options to try and get your account back online, from talking to devs or getting others to assist you.

For more updates on fixes and when the game is available to play again, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter.