How to access pre-order and bonus outfits in Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West
Provided by Guerrilla Games

How to access pre-order and bonus outfits in Horizon Forbidden West

To look cooler, play past the prologue
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Horizon Forbidden West has arrived along with the pre-order and deluxe edition bonus outfits. To reap the benefits of this reveal, you first must learn how to unlock and access these outfits.

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If you pre-ordered the game, you’ll be given a pre-order outfit set, the Nora Legacy Outfit and Spear. These are also included in the Special, Collector’s and Regalla Edition. The more expensive editions come with extras, such as the Carja Elite Behemoth Outfit and the Nora Thunder Elite Outfit. Additionally, there are other materials, the extras in photo mode and the Apex Clawstrider Strike Piece, which is used in the in-game board game.



If you claimed your Horizon Forbidden West bonus outfits in the store but got an error, fret not. You will still have your content in-game. All you need to do is play through the prologue. After you set out to the Forbidden West, you will be able to access your stash, from which you can take your outfits and more.

Every city has this stash, which also includes any extra materials that you can’t carry on your person. The first is in Chainscrape, the first city you come across and can’t miss. After you run into a familiar face after entering the gates, Aloy should automatically be close to the stash once the cutscene ends. Ahead of you, the Outfits vendor is located. The Stash is set against the right wall of this building.

How to access Horizon Forbidden West bonus outfits content
Unlocking these outfits is easy. Provided by Guerrilla Games

Inside the stash, you can simply select the outfits you want to take out and start equipping them. Guerrilla made it easy to switch outfits in Horizon Forbidden West, just like in Zero Dawn. You can switch outfits on the fly to suit your needs in combat.

Horizon Forbidden West has been released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 to stellar reviews.

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