How the Gunsmith works in Modern Warfare II multiplayer
Modern Warfare II
Provided by Activision

How the Gunsmith works in Modern Warfare II multiplayer

The newest Call of Duty provide more customization than ever before

The reveal trailer for the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II game showed off the new Gunsmith customization system for multiplayer on Wednesday. Fans of the series will recognize the core of this customization, some new Create-A-Class features make this version different.

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With how crucial this aspect to the multiplayer will be, here is a quick explanation of how the Gunsmith works in Modern Warfare II.

The Gunsmith customization explained

To start, the amount of customizable attachments per gun is expected to increase from previous games, according to a post from Charlie Intel. More attachments mean more choices the player can make to fit their guns to their playstyle.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II
Guns will be more customizable than in the past for Modern Warfare II. | Provided by Activision.

In terms of numbers, each gun will have an estimated 70 options. However, the amount of attachments a gun can have at once has yet to be confirmed. For the original Modern Warfare 2, each gun could only have one to two attachments, but Call of Duty games have evolved since then. With recent games allowing up to five attachments on one gun, the newest game will most likely be closer to that than the original game.

Yet, the attachments themselves will have more customization than in previous games. Each attachment brings its own pros and cons to the gun, such as increasing range but decreasing recoil control. For this game, attachment tuning will allow players to adjust the number of advantages and disadvantages those attachments provide. While adjustable, the balance means that the attachments will always provide an equal and fair advantage and disadvantage to the gun.

Default loadouts for Modern Warfare II

At the same time, the default loadouts for Modern Warfare II are live. These loadouts are crucial in the early hours of multiplayer accounts. When players don’t have access to the best items, these loadouts give a taste and help players acquire more. This time around, there are three different default loadouts: Sentinel, Stalker and Rusher.

Each caters to its own playstyle, with Sentinel focusing on ranged, slow playstyles. Stalker is a better for sneaker and flankers. As for Rusher, it’s for players who move aggressively and engage enemies fast.

Make sure to look into other aspects of the reveal, such as the hints of a map editor and more.

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