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When it comes to Riot Games’ first-person tactical shooter VALORANT, there are often times when players will be barely left standing after a gunfight. In these times, agents that can heal are ideal since an agent with more health will have a better chance to out-duel an agent who has less health. In a game where death means the end of the round for a player, having heals is essentially a new lease on life. While there are agents that have obvious healing powers like Sage, Reyna and Skye, there is another agent that can heal themselves too. Phoenix’s abilities don’t only do damage, they can heal in a pinch but is it significant? Here is how much Phoenix can heal himself for in VALORANT explained.

Phoenix Heal

Provided by Riot Games.

When looking at Valorant Tracker, a website that shows all the details on everything in VALORANT, we can actually see how much exactly Phoenix can heal by using his two “healing” abilities. The first ability that can heal Phoenix is his Blaze ability. This ability throws up a wall that players can pass through but when they do they take damage. However, when Phoenix touches the wall he heals instead. Valorant Tracker states that Phoenix heals for 12.5 health per second while he is touching the wall and since the wall has an active duration of six seconds, this means that Blaze can heal Phoenix for 72 total health.

Finally, there is his Hot Hands ability. This is his fireball ability that leaves a puddle of fire when he throws it which will burn anyone inside the puddle except for Phoenix; instead of burning Phoenixm the puddle will heal him while he stands on top of it. Valorant Tracker states that Phoenix will heal for 12 health per second while the ability is active and since it’s active for four seconds, this means that Hot Hands will heal Phoenix for 48 total health. The neat thing with Hot Hands is that it resets after two kills, which allows Phoenix to use it multiple times in a round if needed.


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