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Fire Emblem Engage is a long, single-player strategy game, with plenty of chapters from the beginning of its story to its eventual end.

Here are how many chapters Fire Emblem Engage has, as well as a rough estimate of how long it’ll take to get through them all. Minor spoilers are ahead, as the titles of some of the chapters talk about events that just happened or are happening at that time.

All the chapters in Fire Emblem Engage

There are a total of 26 chapters for the mainline story in Fire Emblem Engage. In totality, all of them vary in difficulty and length, ramping up as the game progresses. The rough estimate for each chapter is around 50 minutes each, except for the intro chapters.

Here is the full list:

  • Prologue: The Emblems
  • Chapter 1: Awake At Last
  • Chapter 2: Queen Lumera
  • Chapter 3: Hostilities
  • Chapter 4: A Land In Bloom
  • Chapter 5: Retaking The Castle
  • Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring
  • Chapter 7: Dark Emblem
  • Chapter 8: The Kingdom Of Might
  • Chapter 7: A Clash of Forces
  • Chapter 10: The Fell Dragon Sombron
  • Chapter 11: Retreat
  • Chapter 12: The Sentinels
  • Chapter 13: Heroes Of The Oasis
  • Chapter 14: The Battle For Solm
  • Chapter 15: Dancer In The Ruins
  • Chapter 16: Seashore Travels
  • Chapter 17: Serenity In Ruin
  • Chapter 18: The Cold Voyage
  • Chapter 19: The Dead Town
  • Chapter 20: The Kingless Castle
  • Chapter 21: The Return
  • Chapter 22: The Fell and The Divine
  • Chapter 23: The Four Hounds
  • Chapter 24: Recollections
  • Chapter 25: The Final Guardian
  • Chapter 26: The Last Engage

However, those are only mainline story chapters, as there is side content in the game known as Paralogues.

Fire Emblem Engage
A Paralogue on the World Map in Fire Emblem Engage. | Provided by Michael Czar.

Those events are like chapters in length, usually a bit shorter but with similar combat. Doing Paralogues can unlock new allies as well as form tighter bonds with your Emblem Rings.

Estimated completion time

If you only play the story missions, it’ll take roughly 26 hours to complete the campaign of Fire Emblem Engage. Of course, that is if everything goes right, as replays and side missions add more time to your playthrough.

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