How long does Last Epoch take to beat?
How long does Last Epoch take to beat?
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How long does Last Epoch take to beat?

How much time will you sink into Last Epoch?

Last Epoch is the latest ARPG to hit the market, and it looks to be a worthy adversary to the likes of Diablo 4 and Path of Exile. However, unlike those titles, Last Epoch is still in the early stages of its life, so there’s not as much content in it as its competitors. Of course, this doesn’t mean Last Epoch still isn’t a full game, as you’ll need to spend a fair amount of hours to fully beat it.

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As with any ARPG, one of the main attractions of Last Epoch is that it offers a ton of replayability thanks to its many classes. You can run through the main campaign with all these classes and have a wildly different experience each time. If you’re just curious about how long it takes to beat Last Epoch in one go, though, keep reading the guide below.

Last Epoch – Time to beat the main story

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In the current version of Last Epoch, the main story alone takes roughly 15-20 hours to beat if you’re just focusing on the campaign. Your experience might differ depending on what difficulty level you play on, how long certain bosses take you to beat, etc. However, if you just want to experience one playthrough of Last Epoch’s main story, expect a 15-20 hour experience.

Once you start adding in some side content, though, your time to beat changes drastically. There is plenty of side content to take part in, so you can expect to spend an additional 15 or so hours in Last Epoch if you complete most of the side quests plus the main story. This puts your total time at around 35 hours.

After that, you can spend more time reaching the max level in Last Epoch or running through the main story with different classes. If you decide to take in all Last Epoch has to offer, you’re easily looking at a nearly 100-hour experience, so if you’re a fan of the ARPG, you don’t have to worry about it truly ending too soon.

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