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Spider-Man 2 has officially been released, and if you’re jumping into it for the first time, one of your initial questions might be how long it takes to beat the story. This is a natural inquiry to have, especially with a massive open world game that has you traversing all over the burrows of New York City.

The first two Spider-Man games in the series, including Miles Morales, have been fairly short games compared to the epics that have graced the PlayStation 5 in the past couple of years. From Horizon Forbidden West to God of War: Ragnarok, it sometimes takes upwards of 30-40 hours to finish a PlayStation exclusive.

However, Spider-Man games have allowed players to complete a playthrough in half that time while also still allowing for longer runtimes by including a solid amount of side content.

How long to beat Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. | Image via Sony

Fortunately for anyone with a relatively normal schedule, Spider-Man 2 is roughly the same length as the original Spider-Man game from 2018. According to reviewers and in my own experience, Spider-Man 2 should take you anywhere from 15-20 hours to beat the main story itself. It takes closer to 15 hours if you rush straight the story without dying too much but closer to 20 hours if you take your time and consume some side content.

Speaking of side content, your playthrough can reach upwards of 25-28 hours if you take part in all of the side quests, collectible missions, and other random world activities. For those looking to Platinum Spider-Man 2, I would say you’re looking at a playthrough of roughly 28-30 hours, but that time can be cut down if you’re a Platinum Trophy veteran.

So there you have it, Spider-Man 2 is certainly not a game that will take a massive number of hours to beat. However, it can take a decent amount of time if you explore the entire map, take part in side content, and don’t completely rush through the main story.