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It wouldn’t be a Fortnite update without something mind-blowingly confusing, would it? Epic Games has taken it upon themselves to stir up as much drama and controversy around their game as possible. In the Fortnite v10.20 update, it was revealed that turbo building is receiving a nerf. This nerf is supposedly to help players with a higher ping, but it seems like there’s more to this than meets the eye.

With the hashtag #REVERTTURBOBUILDING already trending on Twitter, how does this gameplay change affect Fortnite going forward?

Turbo building receives its first nerf since Season 3

Turbo building was an addition in the Season 3 update, v3.0.0. It arrived with the launch of Season 3 and improved the quality of life in Fortnite tenfold. Building was now much simpler and didn’t require as many mouse/controller clicks.

If you’re unaware of what turbo building does, it essentially makes it so you don’t have to keep clicking the build button. You simply hold down the build button, and whatever you’re building is automatically placed.

Fortnite turbo building
The addition of turbo building was one of the most popular decisions in Fortnite

Before the v10.20 update, the time to put down a structure was 0.05 seconds. This is how long it would take for each build in succession to place down. For example, if you were building a ramp, the time in between each stair placement would be 0.05 seconds.

However, after v10.20, the time to place structures is 0.15 seconds. While it may seem like a minuscule change, it is significant considering that every player has adjusted to a lightning-fast turbo building system.

Why did Epic Games implement this change?

In their patch notes, Epic cited that the reasoning behind this nerf was to help out players with higher ping. A higher ping essentially meant that building took longer since the connection to the server wasn’t as strong.

This nerf is supposed to “level the playing field” when it comes to fights between a player with high ping and one with a lower ping. While that is good in theory, though, what this actually does is provide players with a low ping an even bigger advantage.

Now that it takes even longer to place builds, a 0-ping player can lay down structures much faster than a 100-ping player. Epic’s logic may have been present, but the result of this nerf doesn’t change much.

How will this affect Fortnite?

There aren’t many times the community reacts so negatively to something so quickly. The removal of siphon rules and the support for the Mech are the most recent examples of an immediate negative reaction.

However, mere hours after the v10.20 patch notes dropped, the hashtag #REVERTTURBOBUILDING was trending worldwide on Twitter. Things were already tense between the community and Epic Games over the disaster Season X has been. This, now, is simply icing on the cake.

Fortnite turbo building

With this update, it seems like more and more players will stop playing Fortnite. Sure, competitive players will still grudgingly hop on, but the fact remains that Fortnite is a downward spiral. The only hope for Epic is to launch Season 11 and hope it goes over well.

What’s your take on the turbo building nerf? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite coverage.