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The new Teamfight Tactics expansion is just around the corner. TFT: Monsters Attack is the eighth expansion in the TFT life cycle and just like all the ones before it, the new expansion brings in brand new ways to play the game with new units, new traits and of course, new mechanics. One of the new mechanics in TFT: Monsters Attack is technically a trait. Inspired by the superhero versus villain theme of the set, the unique Threat trait could be hard to understand. Here is a quick guide detailing how Threat champions work in TFT Set 8.

Threat champions

Threat is the first trait in the game’s history that literally does nothing; the trait applies no bonuses or cool gimmicks, just the Threat trait and nothing else — meaning these champs also have no synergies. As a trade-off for Threat champions having no synergies, the champions themselves are stronger than all the other champions in the game, with better stats and abilities than other champions at their respective costs.

Provided by Riot Games.

An example of this is Zac, a four-cost Threat champion that functions as a super tank. His ability is Symbiotic Split which has a passive effect and an active one; when Zac dies, his passive splits him into smaller Zac Blobs that taunt nearby enemies. Zac’s active has him bounce into the air and slams back down, dealing massive AoE magic damage that scales with his current health — it also heals him for a percentage of his missing health. This ability is good enough to be on a five-cost champion, but in this set, Threat champions have these kinds of abilities at a lower cost.

There are seven Threat champions in TFT Set 8 and they all accomplish different goals. The champions were designed to give players much-needed flexibility without needing to go deep into a trait to get it. Here are the roles the Threat champions take.

  • Cho’Gath: Magic Resist Tank
  • Rammus: Armor Tank
  • Vel’Koz: Single target Magic Damage
  • Aurelion Sol: AoE Magic Damage
  • Zac: HP Tank
  • Bel’Veth: Ranged Attack Damage Carry
  • Urgot: AoE CC/Econ generator
  • Fiddlesticks: Magic Damage drain tank


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