How Combat Pacing works in Modern Warfare II multiplayer
Modern Warfare II
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How Combat Pacing works in Modern Warfare II multiplayer

A popular feature is returning

After introducing Combat Pacing to multiplayer in Call of Duty: Vanguard, Infinity Ward has refined the system further for Modern Warfare II according to information revealed on Wednesday.

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Combat Pacing essentially allows players to customize how many other players will be in their public lobby. In Vanguard, there are the Tactical, Assault and Blitz options. These options relate to how many players are in a given match, with Tactical having the least amount and Blitz having the most.

Combat Pacing in Modern Warfare II MP

The term Combat Pacing is being thrown away in MW2, however, even if the concept itself is not. Infinity Ward has decided to make maps dedicated to the popular 6v6 player count and other maps meant for larger-scale gameplay. The 6v6 maps are called Core Maps while the larger maps are called Battle Maps. Players will presumably be able to filter what kind of maps they want to play via the multiplayer menu.

Core Maps are designed for the most competitive gameplay in Call of Duty, which has been a standard 6v6 since it allows for a decent number of players on a map at any given time. Maps that utilize 6v6 gameplay are traditionally small-medium sized, and that appears to be the direction Infinity Ward is going in regards to the Core Map selection for Modern Warfare II.

As for the Battle Maps, these are designed for much higher player counts, as we saw with the Ground War maps in Modern Warfare 2019. Battle Maps will take locations from the Warzone 2 map and allow users to play on them specifically. This was also done in Modern Warfare 2019, with maps such as Karst River Quarry and Krovnik Farmland. It’s unclear what the player counts will be on the Battle Maps, but players should expect a number of around 75-100.

Activision didn’t divulge how many Core and Battle Maps Modern Warfare II will see at launch.

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