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Marvel Snap continues to soar in popularity, with many players logging into the game each day and progressing through the ranks. However, many players have hit a plateau in the unique collection level mechanic and, as a result, have stagnated as it becomes harder to unlock new cards, especially specific ones.

With the lack of control when it comes to getting cards players to want, players have voiced their grievances to the creators of Marvel Snap. And in a new update video, the creators have answered. In the newest update, there is a new mechanic that allows players to target specific cards. Here is how Collector Tokens work in Marvel Snap.

What are Collector Tokens?

Screenshot via Marvel Snap

In Marvel Snap, cards are put into three pools or series. As players upgrade their cards, they increase their collection level and at certain intervals, those players unlock new cards. But the catch here is that the cards are random within their pools. For example, one player can unlock The Infinaut as their first card in Pool 2 while another player will unlock it as their last card. The new Collector Tokens help alleviate that pain.

Players will start earning Collector Tokens when they enter Pool 3 or level 500 in collection level. Players will get these tokens through Collectors Caches which have a random chance to contain a random card from Pool 3 or currency like credits, gold, or even the new Collector Tokens. Players may be able to purchase Collector Tokes with real currency in the shop.

As for how to use them, there is a new section in the shop that rotates every eight hours. A random card will appear in the shop that could be purchased with collector tokens. These cards vary in cost depending on what pool the cards come from. With new Pool 4 and Pool 5 cards coming out, those will be more expensive than Pool 3.

Players have the opportunity to pin a card if it’s purchased from the shop. This will allow a player to essentially lock the desired card so it won’t rotate until a player un-pins it giving players time to save up for a card they really want.


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