How and when to earn FGS Player Tokens for FIFA 21 on Twitch
FSG Tokens in FIFA 21
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How and when to earn FGS Player Tokens for FIFA 21 on Twitch

The FGS player tokens can be redeemed for FUT rewards and player packs to strengthen your team
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The FIFA Global Series is a seasonal tournament for all players looking to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup. It consists of different events across all regions which determine player’s points and rankings at the end of the season. It also presents an opportunity for viewers to learn the best tactics from pros and earn rewards while doing so. The FIFA Global Series Swaps program is an initiative from EA Sports to reward viewers with in-game perks. These rewards include an FGS player token. You can then redeem these tokens for player packs and FUT rewards. For the FIFA 21 season, there will be two FGS Swaps released.

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How to earn FGS Player Tokens for FIFA 21 on Twitch

To obtain these FGS player tokens, you must have a Twitch account. After opening one, link the Twitch account with your EA account. If both accounts are not linked, players cannot claim the FGS player tokens even if eligible.

After this, you must watch at least 60 minutes of an eligible FIFA 21 Global Series event to receive an FGS player token. Moreover, the more eligible events you tune into over the season, the more FGS token received. After this, you can redeem your FGS player token items for untradeable pack rewards. These tokens cannot be sold or redeemed for cash or other goods and services. You must claim the player token during the live event on Twitch to receive it in the game.

FSG Token in FIFA 21
How to get FGS token in FIFA 21. | Provided by EA Sports FIFA

If there are many FGS tournaments in one weekend, you only need to watch one for 60 minutes or more to earn a player token. Watching more than one event in a single weekend will not give extra FGS player tokens. Also, anyone who linked both accounts for FIFA 20 does not need to do it again. EA said that it can take up to seven days after the event ends for players to receive tokens in their accounts. Additionally, FGS player tokens are limited to a particular FGS Swaps release.

When to earn FGS Player Tokens

With player tokens for FGS Swaps 1 already over, players can only earn tokens with Swaps 2 rewards. The FIFA Global Series 21 Swaps 2 has 8 player tokens available. These FGS player tokens are available for all regional playoffs still ongoing. With four regional playoffs already concluded, there are only three left to obtain FGS player tokens. These regional playoffs include:

  • South America: June 24-27
  • Europe(for Xbox players) : July 2-4
  • Europe (for Ps4 players): July 9-11

The South America regional broadcast will be available on both spanish and Portuguese speaking channels. Players will recieve equal rewards regardless of which channels they decide to watch it on. All games will also be shown in English on EA’s FIFA account.

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