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Heroes of the Storm just teased an upcoming announcement on Twitter, and as usual, fans are hoping for it to pertain to Deathwing. The tweet features a photo with three claw marks over a wooden Shimada clan symbol, as well as sakura blossoms off to the side. This photo is a screenshot from both a video teaser for Heroes of the Storm 2.0 and the Hanamura Showdown cinematic back in 2017.

Players had once anticipated the arrival of Deathwing as a playable character before, and the Heroes of the Storm team created the D.Va the Destroyer skin as a response. In today’s tweet, players responded with the anticipation of Deathwing once again.

Demand for World of Warcraft‘s Deathwing in Heroes of the Storm has a history. During BlizzCon 2017, production director Kaeo Milker acknowledged that the team got requests for adding Deathwing all the time. “So for Alexstrasza, we knew we wanted to go with something that was a dragon aspect again,” Milker said. “We get asked for Deathwing all the time. Deathwing is something that we’d want to be this big dragon all the time, which is just really, really difficult. So Alexstrasza let us get the balance of fulfilling that dragon fantasy, and at the same time introducing a really interesting new support mechanic.”

heroes of the storm deathwing d.va the destroyer hanamura temple 2
The D.Va the Destroyer skin in Heroes of the Storm

In Heroes of the Storm, the Hanamura Temple map itself also has a history of updates. The original map was released back in 2017 and underwent a removal from all game modes in the same year. Earlier last year, it was eventually also removed from the Custom Games mode.

Fast-forwarding to September 2018, the Hanamura Temple was re-released with several changes. Previously a map with two payloads, the new update had only one of them located at the map’s center. Once a payload gets escorted, it launches missiles that attack structures, similar to Blackheart’s Bay. When Heroes of the Storm players duke it out in the reworked map, they can also now attack the core directly.

The reworked Hanamura Temple map with a payload located at the center

Whether the teaser means the arrival of Deathwing or a Hanamura Temple update (or something else entirely), Heroes of the Storm players can tune in on the game’s official Twitch channel tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. PT for the big announcement.