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Heroes of the Storm has announced that its MechaStorm II event is now live. With it comes mechanized mayhem and a new quest chain.

Teased last week between June 8 and June 10 on Twitter, MechaStorm II is a reference to the game’s first MechaStorm event back in 2018. It also references the Neon Genesis Evangelion series with artwork of Yrel that pays homage to Asuka Langley.

MechaStorm II’s storyline

The Heroes of the Storm event storyline continues as players must now fight against the Xenotech invaders of Neo-Stormwind. These invaders are led by Malthael, the Mecha Archangel of Death, and they are up against Heroes equipped with Mecha technology given to them by Neo-President Anduin.

In the form of a new quest chain, players must fight alongside MechaStorm members like Yrel and Valla in order to bring Mecha Malthael’s schemes to a full stop. Players have the mission to reassemble Mecha Tyrael piece by piece in order to save the city.

heroes of the storm mechstorm ii

Heroes of the Storm players must complete quests that begin with winning two games as either a Healer or Support hero, playing three games in Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked, or AI mode, as well as winning a game with less than four deaths.

Other quests include winning two games as either a Bruiser or Tank Hero, winning two games as an Assassin Hero, dealing 50,000 spell damage in winning games, and dealing 35,000 physical damage.

In addition to this quest chain, the MechaStorm II has event-themed portraits, skins, sprays, and loot boxes as rewards. These loot boxes have either one item from the event itself or an item from previous years’ summer events.

Players can get the new skins via the MechaStorm II Bundle. This includes Mecha Yrel, Mecha Valla, and Xenotech Malthael. Heroes of the Storm players can also get the Abathur, Dehaka, and Kharazim skins if they missed out on them during last year’s MechaStorm event. As for event-themed mounts, players can own them with the purchase of the Seraph Wing Bundle.

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