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Heroes of the Storm has just officially revealed that Deathwing will be entering the Nexus.

The reveal comes after yesterday’s teaser over on Twitter, where the Heroes of the Storm team posted a screenshot of Hanamura Temple from 2017. Back in 2017, players and fans anticipated Deathwing’s arrival, but they got Genji, D.Va, and the Hanamura battleground instead. After seeing the player response, the Heroes of the Storm team released the D.Va the Destroyer skin as a tribute. But now players finally get their wish for real this time as the Nexus trembles with Deathwing’s arrival.

“You’ve felt the tremors of his approach; now prepare for the unmaking of your world,” a new tweet reads on Heroes of the Storm Twitter.

Along with the announcement, a reveal trailer for the World of Warcraft dragon was also posted on YouTube. In the video, Brightwing, another dragon and a playable character in Heroes of the Storm, has a new skin that resembles Deathwing. Brightwing breathes fire in this skin, hinting that it will have unique effects in terms of graphics.

Deathwing’s arrival into the Nexus has long been anticipated. Kaeo Milker, the production director of the game, had known that players wanted to play as the dragon years ago. “We get asked for Deathwing all the time,” he said at BlizzCon 2017. “Deathwing is something that we’d want to be this big dragon all the time, which is just really, really difficult.”

Over on the game’s official Twitch channel, players will soon get to have a first look at Deathwing as well.

The livestream was scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m. PDT today; however, it has not started. While Heroes of the Storm fans and players wait for the livestream to begin, they can read up on what has been happening in the Nexus as of late here at Daily Esports.

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