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Heroes of the Storm is celebrating its sixth anniversary with portraits, sprays, memes, mounts, skins and the return of past event items.

Heroes 6th Year Anniversary Purple Spray
Screenshot of the Heroes sixth Year Anniversary Purple Spray.

Portraits, sprays and mounts

When players log in, they will get a notification indicating that they’ve received a reward. After clicking on the “More” button, they will unlock the following portraits and sprays:

  • Heroes 6.5 Year Anniversary Portrait
  • Heroes 6th Year Anniversary Gold Portrait
  • Heroes 6th Year Anniversary Purple Portrait
  • Heroes 6.5 Year Anniversary Spray
  • Heroes 6th Year Anniversary Gold Spray
  • Heroes 6th Year Anniversary Purple Spray
Heroes 6.5 Year Anniversary Portrait
Screenshot of the Heroes 6.5 Year Anniversary Portrait.

While the sixth anniversary portraits and sprays are straightforward in celebrating how long Heroes of the Storm has been out, those from 6.5 may raise some eyebrows. The 6.5 items are a reference to the score out of 10 that IGN gave the game back in 2015.

This isn’t the first instance that Heroes of the Storm referenced the 6.5 score. When players go into their hero loadouts, they can find old banners and a newly-added horse mount referring to the meme:

  • The “Okay” Banner
  • The Ascended Banner
  • 6.5/10 Forever Horse Mount
6.5/10 Forever Horse Mount
Screenshot of the 6.5/10 Forever Horse Mount.

Other new mounts include the following:

  • Exploding Sheep
  • Volatile Exploding Sheep
  • Erupting Exploding Sheep
  • Fulminating Exploding Sheep
  • Rumbling Exploding Sheep
  • Combusting Exploding Sheep
The Fulminating Exploding Sheep mount
Screenshot of the Fulminating Exploding Sheep mount.

Legends of the Past event

In addition to the new portraits, sprays and mounts, Heroes of the Storm’s in-game homepage features a new background portraying “The 2021 Classic Pack: Legends of the Past” event.

While Rehgar has new skins alongside his rework, other heroes such as Butcher, Raynor, Li-Ming and Kerrigan received new skins as well. These include variations of the following:

  • Shaman Adept Rehgar
  • Tristram Butcher
  • Classic Raynor
  • Zann Esu Li-Ming
  • Brood War Kerrigan
The Korhal Brood War Kerrigan skin
Screenshot of the the Korhal Brood War Kerrigan skin.

Meanwhile, a few Varian skins can be purchased for a limited time. Although Heroes of the Storm PTR had anniversary banners, they weren’t given out alongside the free portraits and spray in the live update.

For Heroes of the Storm players who missed out on previous event items and cosmetics, a lot of them are now available in the in-game shop. By visiting the “Collection” tab, players can view items from events such as Craft Wars, Dark Nexus, Nexomania and more.

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