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If you’re a big fan of PvP, know that you can get multiple rewards for grinding other players’ heads. The question now is, where can you trade your PvP currency for better gear? In this article, we’ll tackle where you can find the PVP Vendor in WoW Dragonflight.

Valdrakken PvP vendor location: WoW Dragonflight

Map of Valdrakken with arrow pointing to PVP vendors in WoW Dragonflight
Provided by Blizzard Entertainment (edited by Upcomer)

You can access Valdrakken, the main city of the expansion, as soon as you acquire dragonriding. You need to head to Valdrakken, the western portion of Thaldraszus. You can go to the PvP vendor’s building by typing /way 40, 46, which will lead you to the entrance of the Gladiator’s Refuge.

Here is the list of vendors you can find in the Gladiator’s Refuge:

  • Corxian – Item Upgrader
  • Seltherex – Unrated PvP Gear
  • Calderex – Rated PvP Gear
  • Fieldmaster Emberath – War Mode Gear
  • Malicia – Drakebreaker’s Gear

Where to farm PvP Currency in WoW Dragonflight

Orc and Red Dragonflight in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
Provided by John Carlo Vijuan

Bloody tokens are the new currency in WoW Dragonflight. You can farm them by doing PvP World Quests in the expansion. You can use Blood Tokens to purchase level 366 Drakebreaker’s Gear from Malicia in Gladiator’s Refuge at Valdrakken.

To farm Bloody Tokens effectively, you need to turn on War Mode. To turn this on, you have to go to your main city/faction (which you allied with), press N (default), or go to your talents tab, and press the War Mode button on the lower right-hand side. This setting will force PvP on at all times except in Valdrakken.

You can kill other players for one Bloody Token per P.K. (player-kill). That’s not a lot, but there’s a faster method that involves luck and timing. There are instances where Malicia will inform you that you could use some resources. There will be an air-drop-like system where you need to head to the location of the drop, and you’ll be able to bag a few more tokens, which saves a lot of time from trying to kill other players.

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