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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 has just begun, but fans are always looking forward to what Epic Games has next in store. While it’ll be some time before Epic Games confirms any specifics for the next season, the current end date for Season 8 is Dec. 5. Therefore, there is a start date for Season 9 as well.

The storyline of Fortnite Season 8 introduces the return of Kevin the Cube and the Cube Monsters to the island. Players are involved in an ongoing war with the monsters and must utilize the game’s NPCs to rid the island of the Cube’s descendants. Though this should provide for an intriguing season, what lay ahead is always going to be slightly more interesting for some fans. Here’s when to expect Season 8 to end and Season 9 to begin in Fortnite.

The end date for Fortnite Season 8

The date shown on the Battle Pass for a season to end is usually correct, unless Epic Games decides to delay the Season 8. While the developers haven’t delayed a season since COVID-19 was in full swing, the possibility that the Dec. 5 date could be pushed back remains.

If the date holds, players have until the beginning of Dec. to complete all of the Battle Pass pages and upgrade Toona Fish to its fullest extent.

The start date for Fortnite Season 9

Fortnite Season 8
Fortnite Season 8 has introduced a slew of new content and features. | Provided by Epic Games

With the end date for Season 8 being Dec. 5, this likely means Season 9 will begin on Dec. 6. If Season 7 was any indication, the finale event for Season 8 will take place during the afternoon of Dec. 5. Then, Epic will take the servers down for around 12-15 hours and release Season 9 during the early hours of Dec. 6.

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