Here's how Fortnite's Uncharted treasure maps work
Fortnite Uncharted

Here’s how Fortnite’s Uncharted treasure maps work

Maybe Epic will give away free glider, too?
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Fortnite’s newest set of skins arrived yesterday, with Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer, from both the Uncharted movies and games, making their way into the battle royale. Uncharted treasure maps can also be found in regular sessions of Fortnite.

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The treasure maps can be found randomly in loot chests and on the floor. They have a legendary rarity and will point you in the direction of buried treasure. Follow the red marks the map puts in front of your character until you come across a large X symbol on the ground. Once you get there you’ll need to use a pickaxe to dig up the special chest. Inside you’ll find gold, health items and two gold rarity weapons.

Uncharted treasure maps in Fortnite

Fortnite Uncharted
The maps can be tough to nail down, but are worth it for the two gold guns they give you. | Provided by Epic Games

The treasure maps have been featured in Fortnite before. The mechanic is just being reused to help promote the new Uncharted movie that just hit theaters on Friday.

The trailer for the new Uncharted skins also showcased a new glider designed after Sully’s Seaplane from the games. However, it’s not part of the set or available for purchase at all in the Fortnite Item Shop. Players are hoping they can somehow unlock it for free through completing challenges.

We didn’t unlock anything after finding one treasure map, but hopefully it’ll come later. Epic has given away free premium gliders before, after all. The Kurama glider, which was a part of the Naruto set, was given away for free last year. All players had to do was register at a separate website and then complete some easy challenges in-game.

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