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Fortnite Season 8 is here. The giant mothership that was floating above the island has been destroyed; crashed down to leave destruction on the map. Most of the named locations are still the same but there are a handful of new locations to explore.

The aliens and their spaceships and weapons are gone. Cubes, which fell from inside the mothership, have fallen across the map. The trailer for the season showed these cubes decimating several named locations across the map, but many of those locations remain unchanged. A few craters have popped up here and there but the map hasn’t changed much. Also, a few new mechanics, a new Battle Pass and some new systems have come with the new season as well.

Like most seasons before Season 8, Epic Games made a number of changes to the in-game UI and challenge system on top of all of the standard changes that come with a new season. Here is everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 8.

You have to talk to level up

The early season challenges are based all around NPCs. Players must talk to them in order to start a questline that consists of five challenges. Most of the challenges are pretty easy, but some will make players spend an entire match hunting a collectable down. There will most likely be weekly challenges later this week, but no other tasks are available right now. Fans can try Fortnite Creative to get XP in the meantime.

Fortnite Season 8
The amount of XP earned for each quest goes up by 2,000. | Provided by Epic Games/Aron Garst

Hopefully there are more challenges on the way as these NPC-based tasks don’t offer a ton of XP. Fans will need more NPCs, weekly challenges or something other new factor in order to max out the Battle Pass without purchasing tiers.

Here are all the NPC names and locations:

  • Baby Yaga – southwest of Sludgy Swamp
  • Fabio Sparklemane – southwest of Misty Meadows
  • Dark Jonesy – Steamy Stacks
  • Kor – Misty Meadows
  • Dusk – west of Lazy Lake
  • Torin – Captain Carp’s Delivery Truck
  • Kitbash – Corny Crops
  • Madcap – Dirty Docks
  • Penny – west of Retail Row
  • Pitstop – Boney Burbs
  • Charlotte – Pleasant Park
  • Scuba Jonesy – Coral Castlw
  • J.B. Chimpanski – south of Catty Corner
  • Toona Fish – Viking Ship
  • The Brat – north of Lazy Lake

More NPC will be added as the season progresses.

Alien crash sites make up the new map

Despite locations like Misty Meadows and Steamy Stacks blowing up during the end-of-season event, both named locations remain standing in Season 8. Few changes have been made throughout the map. The biggest change comes from the mothership that crash-landed at the end of Season 7.

A few sections of the map have the debris from the ship. It’s created slipstream’s that players can glide through and has left behind Shadow Stones, little cubes that turn players invisible once consumed. Both mechanics have been used in Fortnite before. The piece of ship debris have made a big impact on the map, although it’s plausible that more changes will come as the season progresses. Many named locations, that players thought would be gone months ago, are still here as well. Coral Castle, Holly Hedges and Catty Corner remain untouched.

Fortnite Season 8
One of the new crash sites in Season 8. | Provided by Epic Games/Aron Garst

More customization options

Just like last season’s customizable Chimera Skins, Season 8 brings a new type of editable character. The Toona Fish can be painted 21 different colors and stylized based on 21 different skins. You’ll need to collect Color Bottles, found in chests in order to unlock all the options. The location for each bottle is listed in the bottom right corner of the screen in the “Paint a Toona Fish” menu.

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