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As of the huge reveal on June 13, Halo Infinite multiplayer is beginning to take shape. 343 Industries held a multiplayer overview session for the title on June 14 and announced a plethora of information. While the entire game has yet to be revealed, most of the news is extremely positive.

The main trend behind the emerging details revolves around cosmetics and customization. The developers took a deep dive into what players can expect from a non-gameplay perspective. They also confirmed some previously leaked news that, once again, is a positive sign for Halo Infinite and the franchise as a whole.

Halo Infinite to take a consumer friendly approach

The multiplayer overview took place on Halo’s YouTube channel. It’s here, and on Halo Waypoint, that fans can find a majority of the new information that is to be released about the game in the upcoming months.

In regard to the overview, the developers at 343 first went over Infinite’s approach to cosmetics. Most of this system will take place through the Battle Pass, which will look quite familiar to battle royale fans. The Battle Pass will feature tiers of cosmetics that players can unlock through playtime or with real-life money. However, the items on the pass will be purely cosmetic and not alter gameplay.

There will be a new Battle Pass for every season of Halo Infinite. As of yet, there’s no word on how many seasons the game will see throughout its life cycle. However, players don’t need to worry about this as the passes themselves never expire. Even if a new season starts, players can still complete any previous season’s pass along with the fresh one.

In regard to more specific information about cosmetics, most of the items will be for the player’s operator. According to the developers, there are millions of options when it comes to customizing a character. Each section of the operator’s body is fully customizable, as seen below.

Halo Infinite multiplayer customization
The customize screen in multiplayer. | Provided by 343 Industries

In addition to the individual characters, vehicles are also customizable. No matter the object that players are customizing, they can do it out of the game with Halo Waypoint, the official Halo app.

Multiplayer moving forward

Lastly, the developers confirmed that there will be no loot boxes within multiplayer. This is a sign of the changing times, as almost no multiplayer title features the controversial item anymore. However, there was no mention of whether cosmetics would be unlocked solely through bundles or real-life monetary purchases, a la Call of Duty.