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With the new mid-set update coming to Teamfight Tactics in patch 11.15, TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes is introducing some new champions and saying goodbye to others. In total, 12 new champions will be joining and 12 will be leaving. That also means two new non-unique traits will be added into the game and three will be removed.

Among the most anticipated champions coming to TFT are Gwen, Fiddlesticks, and the premier of the new Marksman, Akshan. With the Sentinels of Light event launching across all the Riot Games titles, the Sentinels are one of the new traits joining TFT. Here is an in depth look at which champions are returning, what they do, and which champions are leaving.

Gwen Cuts her way into TFT

Gwen from League of Legends
Image provided by Riot Games

With the Reckoning storyline, it was a matter of time before Gwen was going to be introduced into TFT. She is making quite the big entrance. After dominating the Rift as a super carry in League of Legends, she enters TFT as a legendary 5-cost unit. Don’t let her Mystic tag fool you, she is definitely capable of being the main carry in a composition. Her other trait is unique to her. Inanimate states that at the start of combat, Gwen summons a Harrowing Mist that surrounds her in a two hex radius. Ally units in the mist take reduced damage while in the hex for a duration. This passive ability along with her Mystic trait gives her team defense which is expected from a Mystic unit. But that’s where the support parallels stop.

Gwen Ability TFT
Very powerful damage ability. With it Gwen will be a huge damage dealer. Credit to Riot Games

Gwen’s actual ability is Skip ‘N Slash. The ability has a cost of only 20 mana, so blue buff is a fantastic item on her. The ability states that Gwen dashes around her target and then does three rapid snips in front of her in a cone. Each snip does magic damage plush a percentage of her targets maximum health as additional magic damage. Each snip also steals one armor and magic resist from her target. To make it even more devastating, every other cast she performs double the snips. Shades of Neeko and Cassiopeia from previous sets, the classic Mystic comp with front line is back in set 5.5.

Akshan swings in out of nowhere

Akshan TFT
First look at Akshan, notice how his gun is also a grappling hook. Provided by Riot Games

The other legendary unit joining the game is one that isn’t even in League of Legends yet. Akshan has been teased for months and he is finally here. The Sentinel Ranger is a big carry threat, and a needed one for attack damage focused comps. Akshan is equiped with what appears to be a gun that doubles as a grappling hook. He uses both of these in TFT.

Akshan Ability
Akshan’s ability is something out of an action movie. Watch him as he swings around the map shooting enemies. Credit to Riot Games

His ability is called Heroic Swing. The ability has two parts a passive and an active. The passive states that Akshan’s attacks shred armor by 50% for four seconds. This is real nice as it allows him to skip on Last Whisperer. His active makes Akshan launch his grappling hook and swings untargetably toward the farthest enemy. When he does this, Akshan quite literally swings around the map and sometimes even off of it. When he does this, he gains an additional 60% attack speed for four seconds. While in flight, Akshan will continue to attack the nearest enemy at double his attack speed while swinging. Akshan plays a similar role to Samira from TFT: Fates and from the looks of it, he might be even better.

To make room for these two, Kindred and Darius have left the game.

Sentinels have drained the power out of the Forgotten

A closer look at all the new Sentinels on the board. Credit to Riot Games

To continue with the theme of the light prevailing, not only have shadow items disappeared, the power grip that the Forgotten class is has also disappeared, but not entirely. Without shadow items, Forgotten now functions similar to how Warlords did in TFT: Fates. Each time a Forgotten champion wins in combat they get a stack of bonus stats. Warwick, Katarina, Ryze and Viktor have been removed from the game. Taric is also gone along with the Coven class of Lissandra, Morgana, and Leblanc. These eight champions have opened up the light for the Sentinels to take over.

Sentinels is eight unit vertical trait. At the start of combat, the sentinel with the highest health gains a shield that also grants attack speed. When the shield is destroyed or when it expires, it will pass to the ally with the lowest percent health. The eight units making up this class include Olaf and Senna as the one-costs as well as Pyke and Irelia as the two-costs.  Rakan is back this time as a three-cost. Galio and Lucian round out the four-costs. And Akshan is the leader as the five-cost carry.

Cannoneer is the other new trait in TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes. This trait consists of Lucian and Senna but also the brand new Forgotten Miss Fortune and the new Hellion Tristana.  To make room for the two new Cannoneer’s, Trundle and Pantheon have gone away and with them, the Dragonslayer trait. The Cannoneer trait states that on every fifth auto attack, a cannon shot fires dealing percentage damage in an explosion around the target as physical damage. Think of this like Jinx or Tristana autos from League of Legends.

That leaves 11 new champions in. The final champion joining the roster is first timer, Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks will be replacing Ryze as the Abomination four-cost Mystic. But instead having the forgotten trait, Fiddlesticks comes in with Revenant giving the trait a new power window.

Here is a cheat sheet to get ahead in the new TFT update. Provided by Riot Games

Here is the full recap:


Olaf (1g) Sentinel/Skirmisher

Senna (1g) Sentinel/Cannoneer

Pyke (2g) Sentinel/Assassin

Irelia (2g) Sentinel/Skirmisher/Legionnaire

Rakan (3g) Sentinel/Renewer

Galio (4g) Sentinel/Draconic/Knight

Lucian (4g) Sentinel/Cannoneer

Akshan (5g) Sentinel/Ranger




Miss Fortune (3g) Forgotten/Cannoneer

Tristan (2g) Hellion/Cannoneer


Gwen (5g) Mystic/Inanimate

Fiddlesticks (4g) Abomination/Mystic/Revenant


Garen:  God-King → Victorious 

Sejuani: Nightbringer/Cavalier → Nightbringer/Cavalier/Brawler

Kayle:  Redeemed/Verdant/Legionnaire → Redeemed/Legionnaire

Diana:  Nightbringer/Dragonslayer/Assassin → Nightbringer/Assassin