Gunfight will not come to Modern Warfare II until after launch
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Gunfight
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Gunfight will not come to Modern Warfare II until after launch

The popular mode will not be available at launch, according to Activision

The reboot of Modern Warfare in 2019 was successful in a number of ways for Call of Duty. It introduced several innovations to the franchise, most of which were generally well-received. One of these introductions was the game mode Gunfight, which was a take on the previous 1v1 and 2v2 modes that were seen in Modern Warfare 3.

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Gunfight was a huge hit with fans, as it provided a nice break from the frenetic pace of multiplayer while also keeping a sense of competitiveness. The mode returned in Black Ops Cold War, but it was a slightly toned-down version compared to Modern Warfare. The mode has not been a part of Vanguard’s life cycle so far, however.

Modern Warfare II developer Infinity Ward seems keen on bringing Gunfight back in Modern Warfare II, but not at launch.

According to GameSpot, who spoke with Activision, Gunfight will not be available when Modern Warfare II releases on Oct. 28. At this time, no date has been given for when Gunfight could arrive. However, it seems logical to assume that the Season 1 update, which usually comes one month after the game has launched, could include Gunfight.

In Modern Warfare 2019, Infinity Ward often designed and released new Gunfight maps with every new season. Perhaps with the arrival of Season 1, they could add a couple of Gunfight maps along with the mode itself for fans to play after the initial launch of multiplayer.

This news could also contradict rumors we’ve heard about an alpha test in Modern Warfare II being centered around Gunfight. Call of Duty insiders predicted that an alpha would arrive in early August, before the open beta, and only feature Gunfight maps. This was the case in Modern Warfare 2019. However, it appears that Gunfight isn’t ready for launch, so it seems unlikely the developers would release it for an alpha test.

Still, nothing is confirmed or denied regarding the alpha, so we’ll have to wait and see on that front.

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