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Zato=1 is one of the original members of the Guilty Gear roster. Returning in Guilty Gear Strive, Zato=1 remains one of the most technical characters in the game. After giving up his eyesight, Zato=1 became host to Eddie, his shadow that he fights with. Zato=1 is classified as a technical character in Guilty Gear Strive. This guide will give players the tools they need to excel as Zato=1 in Guilty Gear Strive

Upcomer’s Guilty Gear Strive character guides use numpad notation. Numpad notation is a universal form of notating fighting game inputs that is able to go past language barriers. It is based off numpads that can be found on a computer keyboard. Five is the joystick at neutral and the numbers branch out from there. For example, 236 would translate to “down, down-forward, forward” in numpad notation.

Guilty Gear Strive Inputs

Guilty Gear Strive Input Name Shorthand
Punch P
Kick K
Slash S
Heavy Slash HS
Dust D

Character specific mechanic

Zato=1 fights using his shadow, Eddie. When Eddie is out, he can do attacks separate from Zato=1 and each attack button will have a unique attack for Eddie. Eddie’s use is dictated by the Eddie Life Gauge above Zato=1’s Tension Gauge. This gauge goes down when Eddie is used to attack. When the gauge empties, players will not be able to use Eddie base attacks again until the gauge refills. Eddie will disappear if Zato=1 or Eddie takes damage.

Command normals

Move Name Input Description
Command Normal 1 6P Zato=1 uses his shadow to attack in front of him. This move has upper body invincibility, making it a good move to counter jump-ins and aerial attacks.
Command Normal 2 6K Zato=1 does an overhead kick. This will hit crouch-blocking opponents.
Command Normal 3 6HS Zato=1 does a leaping attack towards his opponent. This move is not an overhead. However, it will go over pokes.

Special attacks

Move Name Input Description
Flight Dash in any direction in the air While in flight, Zato=1 will have more movement in the air than other characters. He will still descend downward while flying.
Summon Eddie 214HS Zato=1 summons Eddie. This move keeps Eddie out so that you can use his normals. Eddie can be returned by inputting the command again.
“Pierce” 236P Eddie does a multi hit attack while lunging forward. Because Zato=1 does not move forward this is a good mid-range poke.
“That’s A Lot!” 236K Eddie summons a series of drills in front of Zato=1. This keeps opponents locked down, giving Zato=1 the ability to set up pressure situations.
“Leap” 236S Eddie does a mid-screen range leap at Zato=1’s opponent. This move will anti-air well and can be followed up on with combos in the right situation.
“Oppose” 236HS Eddie moves forward slowly and then attacks. This is the one move that if Eddie is hit he will not disappear, making this move good to use as a shield so that Zato=1 can approach the opponent.
Invite Hell 22HS Zato=1 sends a drill forward that will hit at mid-range. This will cause a knockdown if it hits.
Break the Law 214K (Hold OK) Zato=1 travels under the stage in shadow. Holding the button down will increase the distance you can travel but makes the recovery time longer.
Damned Frog 623S Zato=1’s command grab. Don’t whiff this or you will be wide open.
Drunkard Shade 214S Zato=1 can reflect projectiles with this move. Additionally if Eddie is summoned, this will lunge him forward.


Move Name Input Description
Amorphous 632146HS Shadows go towards the opponent and attacks from the floor. Because of the height of the attack it is very hard to jump over, forcing the opponent to block and be locked down
Sun Void 632146S (Air OK) Eddie sends himself forward as a sword. Eddie will stay where the sword lands, allowing Zato=1 to follow up with attacks from Eddie. This move is actually usable if Eddie’s life gauge is empty and will refill the gauge.