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Ky Kiske is the deuteragonist of the Guilty Gear series. As Sol Badguy’s rival, Ky fights efficiently and gracefully, a contrast to the more brutish and aggressive Sol. This guide will give players the tools to succeed with the grace of a king as Ky. Ky is classified in Guilty Gear Strive as a balanced character. He has tools for every scenario and is lethal in the right hands.

Upcomer’s Guilty Gear Strive character guides use numpad notation. Numpad notation is a universal form of notating fighting game inputs that is able to go past language barriers. It is based off numpads that can be found on a computer keyboard. Five is the joystick at neutral and the numbers branch out from there. For example 236 would translate to down, down-forward, forward in numpad notation.

Guilty Gear Strive inputs

Guilty Gear Strive Input NameShorthand
Heavy SlashHS

Command normals

Move NameInputDescription
Command Normal 16PKy’s first command normal is a short elbow strike. This move has upper body invincibility making it a good move to counter jump-ins and aerial attacks.
Command Normal 26KKy performs a kick that thrusts him forward. This move has advantage on block but a short range, making it a good move to poke with up close.
Command Normal 36HSKy swings his sword forward. When this attack connects it sends the opponent flying. On counter attack this move can lead to big damage combos.

Character specific mechanic

Ky has a special mechanic called Shock State. When an opponent is hit with certain moves they enter Shock State, represented by a yellow electric aura around them. While the opponent is in Shock State, Ky’s special moves become stronger when they connect. Additionally, opponents will take more chip damage from special moves while in Shock State.

Special attacks

Move NameInputDescription
Stun Edge236SA small fast moving projectile. It’s speed and long range makes it a good long distance poke option. The move puts opponents in Shock State
Charged Stun Edge236HSKy charges up a larger version of the Stun Edge. This version has multiple hits, locking down Ky’s opponent on block and allowing Ky to move in. The long start up time means players should want to use it while their opponent is knocked down for a set up or at long distances. The move puts opponents in Shock State.
Aerial Stun Edge236S or 236HS in mid-airIf Ky uses Stun Edge in the air it will move towards the ground. The S and HS versions follow unique trajectories. The move puts opponents in Shock State.
Stun Dipper236KKy slides across the ground to attack his opponent. The first hit of this move hits low. The move also will slide under high attacks such as projectiles.
Foudre Arc214KKy does a flying cartwheel kick at his opponent. This move hits as an overhead, allowing Ky to punish opponents that are crouch blocking. If the move is blocked at the end of it’s arc, Ky is left with the advantage.
Vapor Thrust623S or 623HS (Air OK)Ky’s dragon punch. This move is invincible on startup and lunges upward, making it a strong option to anti-air. If Vapor Thrust whiffs it cannot be Roman Canceled out of. The HS version of the move does more damage but takes longer to recover.
Dire Eclat214HSKy does a falling slash forward at his opponent. This move has short recovery and is ideal for using during combos. The move puts opponents in Shock State.


Move NameInputDescription
Ride the Lightning632146HS (Air OK)Ky charges forward with a blue aura attack around him. This move comes out fast and is invincible on start up. Players can use this Overdrive as a combo ender for a ton of damage.
Sacred Edge236236PKy shoots out a powered up version of Stun Edge. This projectile moves incredibly fast and has quick recovery making it ideal for closing the distance between players and their opponents.
Dragon Install214214HS when health is lowKy will begin to transform and power up. This move will cause a shock wave that will push back opponents. While using Dragon Install, all of Ky’s special attacks get powered up and do more damage.