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Chipp Zanuff is Guilty Gear’s high speed, high offense glass cannon. He has an extremely high potential damage output but he is hampered with an extremely low health pool. This guide will give players the information they need to excel at using Chipp Zanuff in Guilty Gear Strive. The ninja is classified as a High Speed character by the game.

Upcomer’s Guilty Gear Strive character guides use numpad notation. Numpad notation is a universal form of notating fighting game inputs that is able to go past language barriers. It is based off numpads that can be found on a computer keyboard. Five is the joystick at neutral and the numbers branch out from there. For example, 236 would translate to “down, down-forward, forward” in numpad notation.

Guilty Gear Strive inputs

Guilty Gear Strive input nameShorthand
Heavy SlashHS

Command normals

Move nameInputDescription
Command Normal 16PChipp does a short jab forward. This move has upper body invincibility. Therefore, it is a good move to counter jump-ins and aerial attacks.
Command Normal 26KChipp does a jump kick. This move hits crouch-blocking opponents and will go over low attacks.
Command Normal 36HSChipp does a strike with his wrist blades. This does a good amount of damage but is hampered by slow startup.
Command Normal 42K in mid-airChipp drops straight down in the air. This allows Chipp to change the trajectory of his attack and throw his opponent off-guard.

Special attacks

Move nameInputDescription
Alpha Blade (Horizontal)236P (Air OK)Chipp lunges forward while vanishing. This move is a cross-up as he moves behind his opponent making this a good move to use to open up your opponent.
Alpha Blade (Vertical)236K (Air OK)Chipp lunges up and diagonally while vanishing. This move is an overhead cross-up, making it good for catching a crouch-blocking opponent off-guard.
Beta Blade623S (Air OK)Chipp’s dragon punch. This move is invincible on startup. However, it cannot be Roman Canceled out of if it whiffs. Therefore, it is a high risk maneuver.
Gamma Blade236HSChipp creates a clone of himself that he sends forward as a projectile. He is at advantage on block but if the clone is hit, Chipp takes damage.
Resshou236SA fast lunge attack that makes a good poke. It can be followed up with its rekka moves.
Rokusai236S during ResshouA low follow up to Resshou. This move cannot be blocked by a standing opponent, making it the ideal rekka for a stand-blocking opponent.
Senshuu236K during Resshou or RokusaiAn overhead follow up to Resshou. This move has a large amount of recovery. But, it will hit crouch-blocking opponents. Using Rokusai and Senshuu together is a good way for easy high-low mix-ups.
Genrouzan63214SChipp’s command grab. He jumps in the air and vanishes to catch the opponent off-guard. This move has a larger range than other command grabs. However, it has a slow startup.
Shuriken214P in mid-airChipp throws a shuriken diagonally to the ground. This move has less recovery if it is done closer to the ground.
Wall RunHold 6 while dashing near the cornerChipp can run on the wall in the corner. He can attack during this as well.
Wall Run AttackAny normal except D during Wall RunChipp can attack while wall running. This is a good way to extend air combos in the corner.
Escape4 or 2 during Wall RunChipp cancels out of the wall run.


Move nameInputDescription
Zansei Rouga632146HS (Air OK)Chipps lunges at the opponent almost instantly. This move is great for punishing an opponent that is far away or that whiffed an attack.
Banki Messai236236KChipp lunges forward quickly to unleash a barrage of blows. This move has fast startup. Finally, it’s ideal for a big damage combo ender.

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