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Guild Esports has announced its Gaming for Good Fortnite tournament that will be sustainable and environmentally neutral.

By working alongside the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Difference Makers, every tree knocked down in-game during the tournament will result in a real one being planted by Difference Makers. The goal of this event is to showcase the importance of a sustainable culture.

Guild Esports' Gaming for Good Fortnite tournament offsets carbon footprint by planting trees
Fortnite screenshot. | Provided by Epic Games

How to watch and what to expect

The closed Fortnite esports tournament will include content creators, students who are part of the Guild Academy and top talent from the esports organization. Henrik “Hen” Mclean and Anas “Anas” El-Abd will be joined by TN25 and Georgina “Gee Nelly” Rose Nelson. Its format will go ahead as a solo queue match with two rounds, five points per elimination and 55 points per Victory Royale.

These competitors will duke it out in a player-versus-player match. They will also be encouraged to chop down trees in order to gain a high score on the “tree-o-meter.” For every tree that gets chopped down in-game, Difference Makers will plant one in the real world.

According to the announcement, the estimated carbon footprint of the Fortnite esports tournament, due to streaming and PC gaming, will be offset by doing this.

To catch all the action, Fortnite fans can head over to Guild Esports’ Twitch channel. The livestream is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. ET on Aug. 27.

Tournament information. | Provided by Guild Esports

Sustainability and education

In addition to the player-versus-player competition, participants will talk about transferable skills and how gaming can lead to STEM.

“The future scientists, technicians, engineers, and geeks who might one day save the world are likely to be found today – in front of their consoles,” said Institution of Engineering and Technology president professor Danielle George MBE.

“With STEM and sustainability so integral to modern life, we’re proud to be creating the world’s first Fortnite tournament where players are fighting for more than just the win; they’re also fighting to make a positive impact on the world around them,” she added.

Fortnite artwork. | Provided by Epic Games

Michelle Tierney, Guild Esports’ director of partnerships, said that sustainability will be be the heart of the tournament.

“The Difference Makers campaign not only demonstrates that gaming can be green, it also shows us how the visionaries of the world can be found in unexpected places,” Tierney said.

The announcement noted that Guild Esports is co-owned by David Beckham, and understands the importance of educational benefits and an academy structure. Tierney said Guild Esports is proud to educate the next generation on sustainability.