Guild Esports and Fnatic first to qualify for VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters
Guild Esports Masters 2
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Guild Esports and Fnatic first to qualify for VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters

Two spots for Copenhagen are already locked in

After making it to the upper bracket final of the VALORANT Champions Tour Europe, Middle East and Africa 2022 Stage 2 Challengers tournament, both Guild Esports and Fnatic have qualified for Stage 2 Masters in Copenhagen. The two teams are the first to do so internationally; other regions will be getting their results in the upcoming week. There still is one last spot available in the EMEA region for Stage 2 Masters, but that will depend on who makes it to the lower bracket finals.

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Guild and Fnatic are going to Copenhagen

Both these teams had great performances in the group stages for Stage 2 Challengers, topping their respective groups. Fnatic went undefeated while Guild was one of the many 4-1 teams in qualifiers. So, heading into the playoffs, both teams had high expectations plus an easy path to a Masters spot — where other EMEA teams had to win multiple matches to get their spot, if Guild or Fnatic won their first game, they were in.

In Guild’s first match, they faced M3 Champions, who swept Acend to the lower bracket in their first match. Guild ended up doing the exact same thing to M3C, sweeping them off of a great Leo “Leo” Jannesson performance. As for Fnatic, they faced FunPlus Phoenix, who squeaked out a 2-1 win over Team Liquid the day before. Their match against FPX also turned out close, with the second map ending in a clutch FPX overtime win. However, Fnatic swept the leg for the win on Fracture, thanks to series MVP Enzo “Enzo” Mestari.

This meant that Guild Esports and Fnatic would meet in the upper bracket finals, but also both qualify to Masters; the reason for this is that in the EMEA region, three teams go to Stage 2 Masters. This means that in this double elimination system, whoever gets to the upper bracket final guarantees top three, and therefore a Stage 2 Masters spot.

Who is next to qualify?

There are ten spots for Stage 2 Masters left, with just one more open spot in the EMEA region. In North America Stage 2 Challengers, with only two spots, fans won’t know who has gotten in until the upper bracket final and lower bracket finals are over on June 24 and 25. Korea, with only one spot available, won’t be able to unveil their Masters team until after Stage 2 Challengers grand finals on June 26.

Stage 2 Challengers is also underway in Japan, but like Korea, we won’t know who makes it to Copenhagen until their grand finals are over on June 25. Then the rest of the Asia-Pacific region’s two spots are on the line at Stage 2 Challengers; their group stages aren’t done yet, and their two Masters teams will revealed by June 25.

The Brazil Stage 2 Challengers is also about to start their playoffs alongside the Latin America region. With how qualification works in South America, with the top team from both Brazil and LATAM going to Copenhagen while the second seeds fight for the SA spot, fans won’t know who makes it in until June 30.

By the end of June, fans will know all the teams competing at Stage 2 Masters in Copenhagen.

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