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In our previous coverage of day one of the Super Tournament we focused on the players fighting for a spot at the WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon in November. Day two of the GSL Super Tournament was very different. In all four of the matches, it was easy to guess who should win. But by the end of the day we wound up with some absolutely crazy upsets. Watch it here.

soO vs. Bunny

The first match was soO vs. Bunny. In a matchup like this, where it’s a bit of a surprise to see Bunny in the Super Tournament at all, the outcome should have been clear. But Bunny put on quite a performance.

He lost game one but took game two with some unique timing attacks, and when he won game three he even went so far as to showboat, tossing down a manner MULE before the game ended. soO played well against him, tying things up in the fourth game, but in a shocking upset Bunny won the fifth game, knocking soO out of the running for Blizzcon.

Leenock vs. Dark

Leenock vs. Dark was a much more one-sided match. Dark won decisively, 3-0. Leenock put up a good fight, but Dark is truly a player to be reckoned with. He will be facing Bunny in the round of eight, and despite Bunny’s amazing showing so far, I favour Dark for moving on to the semi-finals.

Dark is easily one of the best StarCraft players out there, and against Terran he has a truly impressive record, ranking highest in the world. Of course, before the start of this second half of the round of 16, I’d have thought Dark would be fighting soO, so who can say what will happen on Saturday anymore?

FanTaSy vs. Classic

I had high hopes for this matchup, but alas, these matches were fairly one-sided. Classic 3-0’d FanTaSy, showing that “the Terrorist” Terran has a ways to go still before he’s back in fighting form after his time away from StarCraft for military service. I’ll keep my finger crossed that we’ll see FanTaSy back in another tournament soon, putting on a better showing.

Creator vs. TY

Now this, this is where day two went from good to amazing. If you only watch one matchup from day two of the GSL Super Tournament, take it from me. This is the one. I even included a link for you timed to just before they start. And no, I’m not trolling you, there’s actually almost two hours of VOD still left after their first match starts. That’s how epic things get.

No one expected Creator to put up much of a fight against TY. His big accomplishments lately include the round of 32 in Season 1 of the GSL this year and making it as far as he has in the Super Tournament. But he proved us all wrong.

Creator not only won his first two games against TY, but he did so with solid, impressive games, great micro and macro, great defense, exciting back and forth between both players and just, generally, what amounted to some really fun, well-played StarCraft.

Game three, though, was where things really got crazy. In an hour-long game, Creator and TY slugged it out in a Battlecruiser vs. Tempest battle, churning through every possible resource on the map in their quest for victory. TY finally won, but Creator made him work for it, and he (relatively) quickly won the fourth match after that, defeating the GSL Season 3 runner-up in the biggest upset of the whole Super Tournament so far.

The GSL round of eight

Saturday is the round of eight. Maru vs. sOs, Solar vs. Stats, Bunny vs. Dark, and Classic vs. Creator. It’s not the round of eight I pictured at the start of the tournament, which is probably my favourite thing about this game. I can’t wait to watch these eight players fight it out for their place in the semi-finals. One thing I do know for sure, though, is it’s going to be an amazing weekend.