Grim Tutor and Ugin return in Magic Core Set 2021 reprints
Wizards MTG Core Set 2021 Reprints

Grim Tutor and Ugin return in Magic Core Set 2021 reprints

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Wizards of the Coast has begun rolling out spoilers for Core Set 2021, with several reprints that guarantee the power of the set. The Standard-dominating Teferi will serve as the focus of the set, similar to how Core Set 2020 focused on Chandra. Spoilers will come every day until June 16 for the latest Magic: The Gathering set, so let’s take a look at what Wizards has revealed so far. Here are some of the reprints coming to Core Set 2021.

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Some of Magic‘s most powerful spells return

Right off the bat, the biggest reveal for today has to be Grim Tutor. This card originally arrived back in Starter 1999 and has not seen a reprint since. Grim Tutor is an extremely efficient Magic card, allowing players to trade three life for any card in their deck. Because of this, Grim Tutor has hovered around the $220 price point on the secondary market for the past few years. Commander players will surely appreciate the reprint of this costly tutor. We can only wait and see what impact its return could have on Standard, Pioneer, or Modern.

MTG Grim Tutor Core Set 2021

The other big reprint from the day is Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. This ghost-dragon has played a pretty big role in Magic‘s recent history, manipulating plots and working towards the greater good behind the scenes. This version of Ugin was last printed in Fate Reforged. It quickly became a target for Tron decks and top-end planeswalker game-closers.

Ugin Core Set 2021 Magic

While expensive at 8 mana, Ugin dominates games when played, pressuring players with its powerful abilities. Control decks will quickly bend to bring Ugin into their curves, especially if the Magic meta slows down after recent bannings and rules changes.

While Grim Tutor and Ugin might take up a lot of the conversation around today’s spoilers, the other cards printed are fairly powerful too. Baneslayer Angel, Containment Priest, Massacre Wurm, and Azusa, Lost but Seeking can all turn games as soon as you play them.

Magic Spoilers Core Set 2021

Spoilers for Core Set 2021 will run from June 5 to June 16. Wizards of the Coast has compiled a full list of all the places players can find spoilers to help locate the latest releases. Make sure to stay tuned for more spoiler news.

Core Set 2021 will release on June 25 for Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic: The Gathering Online. For tabletop players, pre-release starts June 29, with a full release on July 3.

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