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Earlier this week, we saw the introduction of Pantheon to Teamfight Tactics on the PBE (Public Test Environment) of League of Legends. Now, Grievous Wounds and several more items have received changes as the game continues to evolve. The aim of these changes is to get the more frequently used items more on par with lesser-used items in terms of power.

Grievous Wounds reduced in power

In Teamfight Tactics, Grievous Wounds is applied by two items currently in the game: Morellonomicon, the ability power-centered item, and Red Buff, which is more focused on survivability. Besides this, Katarina and her ability also apply Grievous Wounds to targets hit in Teamfight Tactics.

The overall strength of Grievous Wounds has been reduced from 100% healing reduction to 80% healing reduction. Besides this, both Red Buff and Morellonomicon have been changed to reduce the overall strengths of these items.

Morellonomicon Teamfight Tactics

Item changes on the Teamfight Tactics PBE

Morellonomicon has been changed, affecting the item in a few interesting ways. The overall damage applied by Morellonomicon was 20% of max health of a champion over 10 seconds. However, it has now been changed to 60% over 45 seconds. The live version of the item does 2% of max HP per second currently, where the version on the PBE does 1.33% HP per second.

While this will overall be a nerf to champions such as Garen, who re-applied Morellonomicon several times during his ability, others benefit greatly from this change. Champions such as Aurelion Sol and Cho’Gath will actually see an increase in overall damage output from this change in most stages of the game.

As for Red Buff, however, this is just a direct nerf. Going from 20% over 10 (2%/s) to 60% over 45% (1.33%/s) is just a large decrease in overall damage output.

Other items impacted this patch include the two life-steal items currently in Teamfight Tactics, Bloodthirster and Hextech Gunblade. The Bloodthirster used to heal 50% of all damage dealt by regular attacks, which has now been decreased to 40%. And Hextech Gunblade now heals for 25% of all damage dealt, rather than the 33% on the live servers. The final changes on the PBE currently are two other healing sources, Swain and the Noble trait’s buff. Swain’s healing has been reduced from 50/90/130 per tick to 40/70/100 per tick. (One tick is generally 0.6 seconds.) The Noble buff trait will see its healing reduced from 35 per attack to 30 per attack.