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Two cars racing on a track. One is silver, one is read, with the silver one slightly ahead.
Image via Polyphony

Gran Turismo 7: All GT7 Engine Swaps added in Update 1.42

Feel like your cars just aren't fast enough? Then check out the Engine Swaps included in GT7's 2.52 update and start tweaking your cars.

Gran Turismo’s newest update introduced a host of changes and improvements, and one of the biggest inclusions was new Engine Swaps. Here’s every Engine Swap added in Gran Turismo’s 1.42 update.

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Gran Turismo 7, at its core, is all about speed. Whether it’s hitting your apex at every corner, learning to bump-draft to catch up to competitors, or tweaking your car to get the maximum performance you can, there are plenty of ways to shave tenths off your lap time.

One way that players can improve their top speed is with Engine Swaps, and Polyphony has added even more of these swaps to the game with Update 1.42.

A race at Portimao race track, with cars racing down the finish straight. The lead car is a blue BMW with a PlayStation-themed livery.
Shave a few tenths off your lap time with Engine Swaps to improve performance. Image via Polyphony

Every GT7 Engine Swap added in Update 1.42

Polyphony added 10 new Engine Swaps with this 1.42 Update, across several car classes. From muscle cars to pickup trucks, here are all the Engine Swaps.

  • Dodge Charger RT 426 Hemi ’68 — Dodge Challenger SRT Demon ’18
  • Ford F-150 SVT Raptor ’11 — Greening Auto Company Maverick
  • Garage RCR Civic — Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT ’16
  • Jaguar XJ220 ’92 — Jaguar XJR-9 ’88
  • Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II ’91 — Mercedes-AMG GT3 ’20
  • Nismo 400R ’95 — Nissan GT-R NISMO ’17
  • Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge ’18 — Lexus LFA ’10
  • Toyota Corolla Levin 3-Door 1600GT APEX ’83 — Toyota MR2 GT-S ’97
  • Toyota GR Supra ’19 — Toyota Supra RZ ’97
  • Toyota GR Supra ’20 — Lexus LFA ’10

Remember, Engine Swaps are unlocked at Collector Level 50, so if you haven’t reached that yet, make sure to jump in and earn some XP to rank up.

On top of the Engine Swaps, GT7 Update 1.42 also added three new cars to the game, added new events to the World Circuits, and added new Menu Books to the Cafe.

With your new Engine Swaps in hand, jump on to Gran Turismo 7, make some changes to your cars, and see if you can improve your lap times.