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Late last month, Giantslayer, the branch of Wisdom Media that is running the NA TFT events for Riot Games, announced a new TFT Duo tournament series. The details on the event have officially been revealed. Giant Slayer Series 3 will feature 32 players split into 16 teams competing across four weeks of play. Here is all the info on qualification, format, and the breakdown of the $10,000 prize pool.


This event will not be an open bracket. Giant Slayer Series 3 is an invitation-only event featuring only the best players in NA. Invitations will go to the 16 players who end up qualifying for the NA Regional Finals. Those 16 players will function as team captains. Captains can pick any player in North America to be their partner, as long as that player is Master rank at the time of invite.

The first four players to earn their invite to the NA Regional Finals will be decided at the Mid-Set Finale later this month. Ongoing weekly snapshots will determine the other 12 captains. Wednesday July 28th is the deadline for initial invites. Roster locks for the duo tournament are final as of Sunday August 1st.

Giant Slayer Series 3 Format and Schedule

The Giant Slayer Series 3 will run two days a week for three weeks. Each team will only play on one of the days per week. At the beginning of the week,  each team will be assigned to one of four lobbies. Two lobbies will play one day and the other two the next. Each lobby will consist of four teams of two that will play four games against each other. Since this a duo tournament, points from each team member pool to calculate a team’s total points.

Points do not reset after each week and are accumulative. Each week teams will play in different lobbies to ensure no team plays another more than once. By the end of the three weeks of pool play, each team will compete in a total of 12 games. At the end of the three week pool play, the four teams with the most points will qualify for finals.

The finals will have these teams compete in one lobby and play six games with points reset. After six games, the team with the most combined points between their two players will take the champions’ crown.

Each week will have action on Mondays and Tuesdays starting at 6PM EST starting the week of August 9. The finals start on Monday August 30th at 6PM EST. Spectators can catch the games live on the GiantslayerTFT Twitch channel.

Prize Pool Breakdown

1st Team Place:  $3000

2nd Team Place: $2000

3rd Team Place:  $1500

4th Team Place: $1100

$50 per won game during Pool Play: $2400