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As expected from my posting yesterday, Ubisoft has unleashed another trailer today for the new Ghost Recon Wildlands content. According to the teaser that the publisher issued a few days ago, Ghost Recon Wildlands is going to be crossing over with Rainbow Six Siege. This comes as no surprise given that the Ghosts have already met Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame. It seems Ubisoft is building an interconnected Tom Clancy universe! Check out the latest trailer below.

New PvE mission

The added PvE content features a new mission collaborating with Rainbow Six. Twitch, a Rainbow Six operator, has tasked the Ghosts in Bolivia with assisting her search for a missing comrade, Valkyrie. I suspect that it will likely involve leaving a trail of dead cartel combatants in your wake, so gear up! For the hardened operatives, players can now tackle this mission along with the rest of the PvE content that the game has to offer in Ghost Mode. According to the official Ghost Recon website, this challenging mode enables “friendly fire, permadeath, and lost ammo upon reload” for a more realistic experience.

More PvP content and updates

Additionally, a healthy dose of PvP content is hitting the multiplayer landscape under the titled theme, Ghost War. Two new classes, Surgeon and Toxic, are being added to the mix. Rainbow Six Siege fans will recognize the Surgeon’s special firearm, the MPD-0 Stim Pistol. This magical pistol enables Surgeon class players to revive downed teammates from a distance. Toxic allows players to take control of a deadly drone armed with sulfur bombs. Avoiding death by this flying poisonous nightmare simply means fleeing the area. There’s no hiding from toxic gas.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Rainbow Six Siege - Ubisoft - Ghost War
Surgeon – Photo courtesy of Ubisoft
Ghost Recon Wildlands - Rainbow Six Siege - Ubisoft - Ghost War
Toxic – Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Other exciting Ghost War PvP additions include new emotes, the addition of endgame victory poses, more ways to earn prestige credits, and a new Observer Mode. This mode enables a player to join a dedicated non-player slot solely to view the competition. The camera can follow specific players. Additionally, a detached free-moving camera can be enabled to view the combat from different angles.

All of this new content hits tomorrow, July 24. So, gear up Ghosts! If you’re like me and haven’t touched the game in a while, Ghost War is another reason to jump back into the wilds of Bolivia. For more on Ghost Recon Wildlands as Special Operation 2 (Year 2) content is announced, stay tuned into Daily Esports for the latest!