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We have some good news for Teamfight Tactics players who want to take their autobattling to the next level. Riot recently announced the game will be part of the ggChampions tournament circuit. Through the rest of September, players across the US and Canada can participate in Teamfight Tactics tournaments at their local esports clubs and cafes.

ggChampions tournament circuit details

The events will take place in 75 gaming venues across North America on Sept 10, 17, and 24. If you aren’t sure if your town has a ggChampions venue, fear not. Riot’s post also included a full list of the current tournament venues.

tft teamfight tactics tournaments

The top 64 players who compete in these local Teamfight Tactics tournaments will move on to the semi-finals round on Saturday, Sept 28. Then, on Sept 29, the top 16 players who survived the semis will face off in the Teamfight Tactics ggChampions finals. The tournament prize pool is $25,000. Whether they make it to the top or not, competing players will score Riot points for their accounts.

Next Teamfight Tactics champion?

In related news, Riot might already be teasing the next champion release for Teamfight Tactics. Reddit user Turangol recently posted about something interesting they discovered while playing the game. According to them, the next League of Legends champion to make the transition to Teamfight Tactics could be Twitch.

Medievel Twitch

Turangol reports hearing “what sounds like Twitch saying his voicelines” after sticking around long after a match had ended. Nothing is confirmed yet, but this audio queue seems pretty deliberate. According to Riot’s updated patch release schedule, the next patch will land on Sept 25. That would put it roughly a month after Pantheon joined Teamfight Tactics, which, going by the current pace, is in line for when a new champion should be added to the game. Twitch would certainly make an interesting addition to the Teamfight Tactics roster.

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