Gen.G to host Astral Clash tournament for female and nonbinary players
Logo for the Astral Clash VALORANT Tournament

Gen.G to host Astral Clash tournament for female and nonbinary players

Tampax and Always will serve as additional hosts as teams compete to raise money for charity

Gen.G and Galorants are partnering with Tampax and Always to host the Astral Clash tournament series for female and nonbinary VALORANT players in North America. The tournament series begins with two online qualifiers, one in June and one in July, with two teams advancing out of each. Afterward, on August 6, the top four teams will compete in Southern California to see who wins it all.

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The first qualifier goes from June 17-19 with the second going from July 15-17. Then, the two qualified teams from each qualifier will compete at a live event, the first for Galorants’ history.

“This tournament is all about amplifying some of the best of the best VALORANT has to offer,” said Nicci Barker, owner and co-creator of Galorants. “We’re beyond the point of needless separation when it comes to esports when there are likely teams who desperately need this level of talent in their own organization. With the help of Tampax and Always, we are helping breakdown these gender barriers.”

Ambassador teams for Tampax and Always support the event

The event itself will be hosted by Lucy Mae, featuring ambassador teams from both Tampax and Always. Those teams include players such as Gen.G streamers Krystalogy, Blisskai, Nicki Taylor and Jessica Kim. Other notable female content creators joining will include Twitch streamer Raeyei and Jett voice actor Shannon Williams. These teams will work together across the event with livestreams, giveaways and live appearances at the finals.

“Gen.G is excited to continue our partnership with Galorants and empower women gamers with the iconic brands of Tampax and Always,” said Gina Chung Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Gen.G. “Our aim with this campaign is to continue to highlight and create opportunities for women gaming communities by providing a forum for this community to connect online and in real life.”

On top of the support, each ambassador team will play to raise money for charity. Tampax’s charity is the Period Education Project, an organization that helps young people in disproportionately underserved communities learn medically accurate period education. Always will be supporting the Uniquely You Summit charity, an organization focused on empowering Black girls to reach new heights.

Fans can help support these causes by going to Gen.G’s site to donate using rewards points from purchasing related P&G products. Any players looking to sign up can do so at The qualifiers and live event will be streamed on the Galorants Twitch channel.

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