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Pokémon UNITE adds another monster to its roster as the game’s Twitter account has announced Gardevoir will join the cast of characters on July 28. The ranged attacker will become the 21st playable Pokémon and the seventh attacker overall.

It is currently unclear how much Aeos coins the Pokémon will cost, but it will become available in the shop along with the rest of the cast this week. Pokémon UNITE announced Gardevoir along with Blastoise prior to the game’s release earlier this year. The Pokémon looks to be a Psychic and Fairy-type and may include moves previously seen on other characters.

What we know about Gardevoir in Pokémon UNITE so far

The Pokémon will start out as Ralts, its base evolution, at the start of the game. Ralts will then evolve into Kirlia and, eventually, Gardevoir. From the trailer, and the Pokémon’s description, she will use mainly psychic moves to stun and damage her opponents. Much like other ranged attackers, Gardevoir should have low health and be prone to stuns and other crowd control.

Gardevoir’s basic attacks should scale off of special attack damage like the other ranged Attackers and some of the Speedsters. Her third attack especially should have enhanced damage like the other Pokémon.

From her designation as a ranged attacker, Gardevoir will likely better fit in the lane rather than the jungle. Like other attackers, the character may want a Supporter in its lane to help deal with enemies. As for early builds on the Pokémon, any item that increases damage or special attack statistics, like Scope Lens, should be a good fit. Because of the character’s fragile designation, much like Venusaur, any battle item that increases mobility or attack damage should be viable.

Gardevoir will join the rest of the Pokémon UNITE cast on July 28 with its Pokémon License available in the shop for players to purchase and try out.