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Vivo Keyd, who qualified to Champions based off of points and their recent run at the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3: Masters Berlin, are taking in Leonardo “mwzera” Serrati on loan from Gamelanders for the international event, the organization announced Monday. The player that he will replace for the tournament, or whether the team is thinking of running a six-man roster, has yet to be announced.

Mwzera has been one of the best individual performers in the Brazilian region since the game’s beta period. He will reunite with Jonathan “JhoW” Glória. JhoW played with Gamelanders up to VCT Stage 3, who led Vivo to a top 12 finish at Berlin.

Mwzera before his loan to Vivo Keyd

Mwzera is primarily a Duelist player and has been competing in VALORANT since the game launched in Brazil. He rose to prominence for his Raze and Jett play, but he has since adopted other Duelists and Skye into his agent pool. With Gamelanders, mwzera won the First Strike: Brazil tournament convincingly over paiN Gaming 3-1. Gamelanders were one of the few teams, along with Havan Liberty, to maintain relevancy when VALORANT went from its beta period of tournaments to the VCT circuit.

While unable to qualify for the two international events held in 2021, Gamelanders and mwzera were always in contention. They placed second in VCT Masters 1, losing 0-3 to Team Vikings, and lost out on a chance to go to Iceland in the second round of Stage 2 Challengers finals. Gamelanders did not fare any better in Stage 3, losing out in Challengers playoffs and missing the Berlin tournament by losing to Vivo Keyd 2-1 in the lower bracket.

At the South American Last Chance Qualifier, Gamelanders and mwzera made it the farthest out of all their previous international qualification tries: the playoff semifinals. They lost 2-1 to FURIA Esports and ended their year without an international appearance to their names. But, now the supposed best player in the region will get a chance to show his skills on the esports’ biggest stage to date.

Champions starts on Dec. 5 for all those qualified.