Game Changers Championship will take place in Berlin
VAL Game Changers
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Game Changers Championship will take place in Berlin

The championship will be the first global VALORANT Game Changers event

VALORANT’s first ever Game Changers Championship will take place from Nov. 15-20 in Berlin, Germany, Riot Games announced on Monday. This will be the first global event for Game Changers, which has only run regionally thus far.

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Eight teams will travel from across the world to Berlin to play on LAN in a double elimination bracket, according to Riot’s statement.

The Game Changers Championship will field only eight teams across multiple regions. The regional allocation of teams is two from North America, one from Brazil, one from Latin America, two from Europe, Middle East and Africa, one from East Asia and one from Asia Pacific. This breakdown of slots was determined “based on the competitiveness of their region and their respective player population,” according to the statement.


Game Changers has been the premier forum for women’s VALORANT since it began in early 2021. The league is meant to supplement the open format of the VALORANT Champions Tour with a women-only circuit that allows for better exposure and opportunities for competing teams.

Among all the teams that compete in Game Changers, Cloud9 White has been the most dominant. C9 claimed first place in all three NA tournaments, often smashing their opponents. In contrast, EMEA is the most open of the major regions. TENSTAR Nova dominated early but have since fallen down a peg as Guild X and G2 Gozen take the top spots. In Brazil, Gamelanders Purple and Havan Liberty Female have been constantly jockeying for first.

At Game Changers Championship, many fans will be anticipating a clash between Cloud9 White and G2, arguably the top two women’s teams in VALORANT at the moment.

Details are still forthcoming about Game Changers Championship in Berlin, including the mechanism of qualification for teams. Additional details will release closer to the event on the VALORANT esports website.

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