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Blue Sun’s Zenith is a very classic draw spell, to say the least. For three blue and X mana, you get to draw as many cards as you pay into the X. This can be a nice refresher for your hand early on or a way to draw your entire deck with infinite mana. The card is arguably a Commander staple and has seen play in some fringe Modern decks. It’s always great to have this card, but drawing it is the tricky part. Gadwick, the Wizened makes this a non issue: he’s a Blue Sun’s Zenith as your Commander!

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Gadwick, the Wizened breakdown

MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers - Gadwick, the Wizened

For 3 Blue and X, Gadwick, the Wizened is a 3/3 Legendary Human Wizard. When he enters the battlefield, you draw X cards. As an added upside, whenever you cast a blue spell, you get to tap an opponent’s non-land permanent. While this doesn’t have the same fringe upside of Blue Sun’s Zenith of being able to target the opponent (to force them to draw all their cards), it’s still incredibly powerful. The tap ability shines as an excellent way to neutralize threats and get in damage. Any mono-blue commander deck will love this card, either in the command zone or in the main deck.

There’s a strong possibility Gadwick, the Wizened could show up in other formats. Standard could definitely take advantage of his card draw and tapping ability. A mono-blue tempo deck could arise, using his tap ability to force through creatures and his card draw to refill in the late game. A 3/3 for free isn’t bad on its own, but the card draw is a nice upside. He could also possibly show up in control decks as well to counter creature decks and keep the card draw coming. As for Modern, he could be good enough. However, the card draw not being instant speed is a downside, so it makes Gadwick finding a home a bit unlikely.

What do you think of Gadwick, the Wizened? Is there a sweet combo or deck you plan on putting him in? Let us know down in the comments below!