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An image of Gackt, who got into The Gimvitational along with Jin.
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Gackt and Jin voted into The Gimvitational

An international contender and a hometown hero win the penultimate voting period

The second round of voting for The Gimvitational concluded on Sunday as Gakuto “Gackt” Ito and Ryan “Jin” S. secured their spots at Calvin “GimR” Lofton’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate invitational. The Gimvitational will take place at the Xanadu Games venue in Laurel, Maryland, from June 16-19. It is the spiritual successor to VGBootCamp’s Smash 4 Boot Camp invitational and features a similar voting format to Beyond the Summit’s Smash Summit series, where fans can earn points to vote for their favorite players by purchasing merchandise.

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GimR’s event also introduces a Player Fund, which will consist of 20% of the money raised throughout the voting process. The tournament organizers will then distribute this money among all of the players who made it into the nomination phase.

As Japan’s most popular Smash Ultimate streamer, Gackt leaned on his online popularity, racking up a large number of votes very quickly at the end of the voting period; while Jin attempted to garner support from across the Midwest and Southeast in his campaign for The Gimvitational.

Another pair of players fell out of the voting process on Sunday; Scottish Steve main MazeBeans and Chilean Duck Hunt main Fernando “Sekai Doggo” Bastias are now out of the running, leaving only four more players in for the final voting period.

Meet The Gimvitational vote-ins: Gackt and Jin

While he may be a popular streamer, Gackt is also a top-level competitive threat outright with Ness. He is currently ranked seventh in Japan and recently placed third at Kagaribi 7; just behind acola and Asimo, both of whom qualified for The Gimvitational at Kagaribi. In addition, Gackt has attended multiple American majors this year, reaching top eight at both Glitch: Infinite and Pound 2022.

Jin might have little experience at major tournaments, but he has climbed to the top of the Kentucky power rankings with Pyra and Mythra. His best performance this year came at Bourbon State Gaming: Barrel Bash V, a regional tournament in Lexington, Kentucky. There, Jin defeated Orion “DarkShad” Wolf and Sierra “moxi” Lund en route to first place.

One more voting period remains for The Gimvitational; two more players will be voted in and the last two players will be eliminated at 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

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