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Jin Kazama fights Kazuya Mishima in Tekken 8.

Full Tekken 8 roster — All confirmed characters in Tekken 8

What we know about the playable fighters so far

Members of the fighting game community have plenty to look forward to in the coming year, including the release of Street Fighter 6 in the summer of 2023. In addition, Bandai Namco is currently developing the next iteration of the Tekken series.

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While much is still unknown about this upcoming two-dimensional fighter, the developers have already provided early insights regarding who will appear in the game and what role they could play in the game’s story. Here’s everything we currently know about the Tekken 8 roster.

All confirmed characters in the Tekken 8 roster

Jun Kazama, who is part of the Tekken 8 roster
Jun Kazama will return to the Tekken canon after a decades-long absence. | Screengrab provided by YouTube via thegameawards

As of now, eight unique fighters have been revealed for the Tekken 8 roster. There are also another two characters that may be unique fighters or simply part of another character’s moveset. Here are all of the confirmed characters so far:

  • Jin Kazama and Devil Jin
  • Kazuya Mishima and Devil Kazuya
  • Jun Kazama
  • Lars Alexandersson
  • Jack-8
  • King II
  • Marshall Law
  • Paul Phoenix

Of course, more characters will likely make their into the base roster for this came. Even without explicit confirmation, we already have information hinting toward two other characters who may appear in the game. Footage of the motion capture technology used for Tekken 8 showed a stuntman wielding a katana and another wearing a dinosaur tail. As a result, it is possible that Alex and Yoshimitsu will be playable in the upcoming Tekken game.


In any case, the base roster of Tekken 7 included 20 playable characters. After secondary release dates and downloadable content waves, the total number of characters eventually rose to 54. As a result, players can undoubtedly expect plenty more fighters to join Tekken 8.

Other details about the upcoming game

Outside of the roster, there is some other information available regarding what players should expect from Tekken 8. As the trailers suggest, the feud between Jin and his father, Kazuya, will be a central point of the plot of Tekken 8. Another central figure in the story will be Jin’s mother, Jun.

While Jun has been referenced throughout the Tekken series, she has been relegated to a side character for the most part. This game will mark her first appearance in a main series Tekken game since Tekken 2, which launched in 1995.

Currently, Tekken 8 does not have a confirmed release date. As a result, fans may have to wait some time for more information about when this game will be available. Nevertheless, we do know that the game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Steam.

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