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The new mid-set update for the Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands expansion has officially been revealed. Upcomer is here to show you all the new things we got to explore during an exclusive playtest. Here is a breakdown of the new mechanic updates coming to TFT 7.5, Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms which includes a look at the new Frozen Heart replacement, Fimbulwinter.

Chaos and Order Treasure Dragons

The Treasure Dragon mechanic introduced in TFT Dragonlands has been a big hit among players both casual and competitive. For the competitive players, having player agency while reducing RNG when it comes to item components has been a big deal. For the casual players, the Treasure Dragon is a fun way to spice up games. In TFT 7.5, the Treasure Dragon is bringing along some new variants that will for sure excite casual players while throwing a curveball at the more competitive side.

Radiant items are back with the new Order Treasure Dragon. | Provided by Riot Games

Every game will still have the Treasure Dragon event at the end of Stage 4. However, the Treasure Dragon itself may look different. Alongside the regular Treasure Dragon, two new variations can show up. The Order Treasure Dragon and the Chaos Treasure Dragon.

The Order Treasure Dragon brings back a mechanic from TFT Reckoning; in every Order Treasure Dragon shop, there will be a Radiant item right in the middle of each one. So players will be able to supercharge a carry or get a fantastic utility item heading into the late game. The rest of each Radiant Treasure Dragon shop will contain things normally found in the regular versions such as item components and gold.

The Chaos Treasure Dragons can create absurd board states. | Provided by Riot Games.

The Chaos Treasure Dragon shop, however, is a little whacky. To throw games for a loop, this shop can contain things that cant be found in regular shops. Things like Emblems and Target Dummies are present in this shop.

These shops are currently set to a 40% chance for the original and 30% for both the Chaos and Radiant versions meaning that every game has a realistic possibility to have a different dragon from the last.


Fimbulwinter might remind players of the old Redemption. | Provided by Riot Games

As for item changes in TFT 7.5, it has finally happened Frozen Heart is no more. The item — usually built on Assassins—  has been hard to play against for a long time. The development team took their time to come up with a solution; they believe they have found it with the introduction of Fimbulwinter. The item will build out of Tear and Chain Vest, just like Frozen Heart, but will have an entirely different effect.

Fimbulwinter is similar to the old version of Redemption; however, instead of health regen, it’s a shield. When the holder drops below 50% health, allies within a three-hex radius of the holder will get a shield and then gives those allies increased damage for the duration of the fight. This is another tank item option to give more flexibility to wanting to put items on frontline champions.

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