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Magic: The Gathering Arena is continuing its stained glass planeswalker series, offering yet another free code to players. This time, the free code will unlock some impressive alternate art for Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted.

Ob Nixilis is a black mana planeswalker who hails from a dead, unnamed plane. His plane was steeped in war and eventually purged by demons. He was later cursed to be a demon himself after acquiring the Chain Veil, a powerful artifact. Later, he became marooned on Zendikar in an attempt to remove his curse, losing access to his planeswalker spark. During War of the Spark, Ob Nixilis helped the planeswalkers defeat Tezzeret before escaping away from Ravnica.

Magic Arena Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted alternate art


The art is a gorgeous rendition of the uncommon planeswalker in stained glass and will be immediately useable on Arena. To unlock this fantastic limited edition copy, just enter the code INNERDEMON into Magic Arena. The art should show right up in your collection, ready for you to use in any deck you want.

This is the second planeswalker in the stained glass series on Magic Arena. The first came about a week ago and reimagined the look of Arlinn, Voice of the Pack. Make sure you keep checking back for more free codes — we’ll be sure to post them as they get released.

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