Four new Sliver cards revealed in Modern Horizons spoilers

Four new Sliver cards revealed in Modern Horizons spoilers

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The last three days of Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons spoilers have been chock-full of amazing and cool new cards. Today, Wizards released an article that brought back a much-anticipated creature type. That’s right, Planeswalkers: Slivers are back! We saw four brand new Sliver cards revealed, including three Uncommons: Dregscape, Lavabelly, and Tempered. Here we will primarily focus on the Mythic card in the set, The First Sliver.

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The First Sliver, Modern Horizons Spoilers


The First Sliver is a Legendary Creature that costs WUBRG. Reminiscent of the old lords Sliver Queen and Sliver Hivelord, this card grants all of your Slivers cascade. Cascade empowers Sliver decks by allowing you to play out free Slivers and get more bonuses for your current Slivers.

Dregscape Sliver, Lavabelly Sliver, and Tempered Sliver grant recursion through unearth, etb, and buff effects respectively.

Dregscape Sliver Lavabelly Sliver Tempered Sliver

How to utilize Slivers

Many players know how to use these cards by building a deck with only Slivers. However, it might be an advantage to use them as a way to boost your other creatures with Hivestone. With this card, all of your creatures can gain cascade and make your deck even faster. This can be applied to any Sliver effect, so don’t be afraid to use the new cards to augment the rest of your field.

Lore and the direction of Slivers

Slivers began their story when Volrath brought the Sliver Queen from an unknown plane to Rath. These creatures are known to be a hivemind with each Sliver having some innate ability to share with the brood. There are a few exceptions to this like Metallic Sliver and Sliver Construct, which are artificial Slivers created by Volrath in an attempt to control the brood.

Wizards talked about how they wanted to return the Slivers to their original style. They stated that they see Modern Horizons as a “love letter to Modern players.” This really shows in the design of the new cards. It would not be surprising to see even more Slivers in Modern Horizons that push this idea further.

The Verdict

Slivers are back and better than ever. Cascade itself on The First Sliver brings forth enough power. The other three cards on top catapult this power even further. Expect to see some commander decks based around The First Sliver and many Modern Sliver decks being unearthed with these new additions.

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