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A green Austin Healey Sprite sitting on a tarmac road with trees either side of it.
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Forza Horizon 5: Frog in the Well FH5 Treasure Hunt guide

It's time to jump in a car and get some air (literally) for the Frog in the Well Forza Horizon 5 Treasure Hunt challenge.

Forza Horizon 5’s Lunar New Year Series brings new races and events to the game, alongside a special treasure hunt. Here’s how you can complete the Frog in the Well Treasure Hunt, and earn yourself a reward.

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Thankfully, this challenge isn’t too difficult to complete, but you will need to own a specific car if you want to do it. Here is the vehicle you need to grab, what you need to do, and where you can find the Treasure Chest when completed.

Forza Horizon 5: Frog in the Well Treasure Hunt challenge explained

The clue for this week’s FH5 Treasure Hunt is: “This spritely frog is oh so bouncy, jump five times and claim your bounty!”

The car you need to complete this challenge is the Austin Healey Sprite, which if you look at the front of it, does look a bit like a cartoon frog. Purchase this car if you don’t already have it, and take it out onto the roads. You then need to complete five jumps. These can be any jumps, as long as they reward you with XP, and say something like “Great Air” or “Ultimate Air.”

Once you have completed five jumps, the challenge will be completed, and the Treasure Chest location will appear on your in-game map.

Forza Horizon 5: Frog in the Well Treasure Chest location

Now that you have completed the challenge, you need to head over to the secret caves at Ek’ Balam, where you will find a chest. Simply drive into it to smash it, and you’ll receive 300 ForzaPoints for your efforts.

If you’re not sure where to go, the location can be found on the map below.

A map showing the location of a Treasure Chest in Forza Horizon 5.
The chest is in the secret caves near Ek’ Balam. Screenshot via Upcomer

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